Friday, December 2, 2016

Who is DA Jim Martin-Enlisted "Affiant" Smear Campaigner Jeffrey Anthony?

Jeffrey Anthony is ...
[Updated Today] 

* the cowardly anonymous (enlisted) and admitted (2/8/17) author of the smear campaign libel blog, "Villas Victims United"

* a jealous and mentally unstable cousin (he's my mother's sister's coddled son)

* curiously obsessed with a 2009 $3.1 Million Dollar jury damages award  regarding the wrongful death of my daughter Sheena [More Deranged Obsession Here]

* exposed & confirmed as a liar by Lehigh County Executive Tom Muller and 5 additional witnesses (so far) TBA   

* ironically related (on his father's side) to "courageous" Bill Villa volunteer defense witness and Lehigh County Judge James T. Anthony  [UpDate: "courageous" Judge Anthony Reneges

* enlisted as an affiant ("potential witness") by DA Jim Martin in Martin's meritless & malicious "defamation" (truth-muzzling) SLAPP lawsuit against WAEB & me, even though Jeffrey Anthony has no standing or relevance in the case

* curiously obsessed with trying to get my team of Erie Insurance Group defense attorneys to drop me as a client by presenting false evidence to them, repeatedlyeven after it's been repeatedly de-bunked, in addition to improperly contacting the trial judge directly and repeatedly with false evidence, grandly announcing his status to the judge as a "Likely witness for DA Jim Martin"

* frequently boasts online that he "teaches Computer Science and Business at Lehigh University," but curiously, he doesn't show up anywhere (no "Professor" or "Staff" or "Faculty" listing, no photo, etc.) in either of the two programs that make up this joint initiative at Lehigh University [Note: a crooked letter from Lehigh lawyer Frank Roth and a bombshell debunking email back & forth fully exposes this Jeffrey Anthony/Lehigh University "teaching" deception -- also see related LVS exposés on Lehigh's  Glenn Kranzley Bill White Wally Trimble Patrick Farrell | Jeffrey Anthony] -- and see Exposé Email to Frank Roth

* longtime unemployed/self-"employed"/failed "entrepreneur" (Jeffrey Anthony rents monthly desk space at AEDC that he misrepresents in failed promotional videos and photographs as being "his company, Synaptic," see same random desk space renters in both photos) and "business partners" w/ an assaultive violent criminal too broke to post bail  

* curiously obsessed with endeavoring very unsuccessfully to get me fired from my really cool & successful job (solo and w/ a court order-violating co-conspirator, Jeffrey Anthony has repeatedly contacted/harassed/threatened my employer, our co-workers, and our clients, documentation on file)

* libeling me (and my wife Angie) all over the internet, including at "Villas Victims United," WAEB Facebook, "Allentown School District Issues and Discussions" Facebook Group (see 7/15and 11/21and 11/24and 11/25and 11/30then see ASD FB group exposed), at disbarred attorney Robert Trotner's Facebook group, "Let's Build The New Allentown Together," at the Facebook Group "City Of Allentown," and probably revealing his sadism and desperation the most in this breathtakingly pathetic Facebook post    

* deceitfully occasionally uses the anonymous false identity alias "Martin Kimmel" for posting libelous BV comments at the Facebook pages of my employer's clients

* appears to be an enlisted affiant/operative of plaintiff DA Jim Martin's running-on-fumes "law firm," Sprague & Sprague  

* clearly appears to be working for losing "defamation" litigant DA Jim Martin [Related Audio Story]

currently (and since September 2015) endeavoring illegally to destroy me (unsuccessfully

* illegal endeavors to date include providing false evidence and employment sabotage, criminal harassment, filing a false 911 (report was filed by Jeffrey Anthony and Barbara George), and libel  

* of (countersuit) legal interest: DA Jim Martin underling and recent Allentown Chief of Police Keith Morris (left) is on record (and in writing via email to me) defiantly refusing to do anything about Jeffrey Anthony's ongoing criminal activity even though the "Chief" is carbon copied on much of it by DA Jim Martin-enlisted "affiant"/smear campaigner Jeffrey Anthony

* current Allentown "Chief"  of Police Glen Dorney is continuing the APD's reckless and legally vulnerable "strategy" of purposefully ignoring Jeffrey Anthony's false 911 and ongoing criminal harassment

* unstable, alcoholically heavy drinker (I personally witnessed him gulp down around $200.00 worth one night at Robata of Toykyo and then "drive" home at likely 4X+ the legal BAC limit despite my sober protestations)

* curiously obsessed with a presumed expunged-decades-ago 1986 DUI offense he knowingly, maliciously, and libelously misrepresents as being current and not the only one (cruelly, my cousin Jeffrey Anthony knows I've been in recovery and continuously sober since 1987), see Lehigh County Clerk of Judicial Records helpful investigation insight provided by Andrea Naugle and related humiliating public/email pulverization of Jeffrey Anthony   

* inexplicably champions & supports convicted illegal drug abuser and sometime prison resident Kenneth Heffentrager (?) for Allentown City Council  

* "married" to Parkway Manor Elementary School Reading Specialist and longtime Parkland School District employee Mary Ann (Havran) Anthony (Note: "Mary Ann Havran" is listed as the sole owner of the ramshackle little cracker box of a house (sadly, too small for a Morrissey family christmas party,  w/ not enough chairs) where highfalutin high-rollin' "day trader" (wink wink) and judgement proof Jeffrey Anthony has been living and sponging off Mary Ann's modest teacher's salary and likely teachers' union-won health benefits since 1999 while grandstand-bashing "Soviet-style forced teachers' union membership!!!" 24/7 at Facebook where's he's blocked/banned & deleted at countless Facebook pages for harassmentemployment sabotageand libel  

narcissistic sociopath (grandiose, charming, manipulative, violates others) 

* appears to be enjoying approval and crooked colluding-crony-connected & complicit "cover" from The Morning Call "newspaper," The "Express" Times and 69 "News," the Office of the District Attorney of Lehigh County, and the Allentown Police Department [Note: DA Jim Martin and now APD ex-Chief Keith Morris have teamed up against me unsuccessfully in the past, read related 2011 LVS exposé story]

* getting zero traction anywhere that matters (perceived correctly as an unstable enlisted "affiant"/smear campaigner everywhere) i.e., losing badly,  just like DA Jim Martin 

* [Jeffrey Anthony "Progress" Report]