Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meet Wally Trimble, Journalism Dep't, Lehigh University (Bill White's Superior)

Well, I'm hoping to meet Mr. Trimble (fingers crossed).

Today I sent Wally Trimble this email again, my polite request #24, cc'd to Lehigh Provost Patrick V. Farrell, Lehigh President Alice P. Gast, Lehigh adjunct journalism professor Glenn Kranzley, and numerous Lehigh U Big Wigs:

Mr. Trimble, I recently learned that Lehigh's Department of Journalism and Communication is employing Bill White, columnist at The Morning Call "newspaper," as an adjunct for its JOUR 11: News Writing course. I have grave concerns regarding Mr. White's ability to perform this task in the objective and professional manner I believe Lehigh University expects from its instructors. My concerns stem from Mr. White's jaw-droppingly deceitful and un-ethical reporting on an event involving me and a fellow Morning Call blogger crony of Mr. White's, outgoing Allentown City Council Vice President "W" Mike Donovan. Mr. Trimble, I believe that, as the chair of the journalism department, you should be aware of this smarmy issue and I would be happy to meet with you at your convenience to discuss this matter further, and in specific detail. I believe that there are enough qualified current and former local journalists available for adjunct positions at Lehigh University and that Mr. White should be fired. Give me 30 minutes to go over the facts with you and I'm confident you'll end up believing the same thing. Call me to arrange an in-person meeting.

Looking forward to your prompt response, and I won't stop contacting you until I get one. I will not be ignored on this serious matter.


Bill Villa

Editor's Note: The area record for "ignoring" (wink wink) Bill Villa is 229 and is held by Lehigh University adjunct journalism professor (for now) Glenn Kranzley.

[12/31 UpDate: Readers, callous and cowering coward Wally Tremble is blocking my grieving father, polite request-to-meet in-person email(s) w/ "Spam Assassin" and won't return my phone calls, so starting w/ polite outreach #25 today, all my requests for an in-person meeting will be directed at Lehigh University Provost Patrick V. Farrell and we'll settle up w/ Wally Tremble down the road]