Monday, September 15, 2008

Separated at Birth?

Disbarred attorney Bernie O'Hare (left) and dead Senator Joe McCarthy (right) are twins. McCarthy hunted contrived "commies." O'Hare hunts contrived "trolls." Both longed to become famous and both tried to achieve fame by baiting, bullying, lying, scare tactics, and quashing democratically healthy dissent. TV broadcaster and writer Edward R. Murrow was the first to publicly challenge the opportunistic, manipulative, dishonest, and seemingly untouchable Senator Joe McCarthy, figuratively blowing McCarthy's head off in back-to-back weekly episodes of his acclaimed TV news program, "See It Now." Murrow's courage and skill in dissecting McCarthy's twisted pathology on live television opened the flood gates of criticism and eventual Senate censure of McCarthy who died of alcoholism.

Bill Villa is currently dissecting and exposing Bernie O'Hare's twisted pathology at Bernie's new blog, The Troll Parade

"See It Now," before it goes POOF.

This post co-written by Mr. and Mrs. Dottie