Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Catchin' a Wave!

Do you think this will be a "wave election" ? According to Election Projection, a good unbiased blog for info, Election Projection: 2008 Elections - Polls, Projections, Results, the blue democratic wave is gaining momentum. Heck, it may even be a tsunami!
In the Senate currently there are 57 Dems, 41 R's, and 2 Independents. Eight Democratic takeovers are projected. Republican Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska has been convicted of seven corruption charges (I guess he could still win as a convicted felon, doncha know?)

Obama has a lot of money, (I have heard he is taking in 7 million a day) and he is "spreading his wealth around" with media endorsements in red states like Mississippi and Georgia. Democratic candidates are doing well even in the red states!
In the House, it is projected that 25 seats will go to the Dems. That would make an 81 seat advantage (257-176)

Back in 1980 Reagan brought in a wave of Republican senators, but it seems like this conservative wave is winding down.

So do you think Sam Bennett will be riding the blue wave?

I tried to check the PA projections, but you have to subscribe in order to get that info.

Photo credit: Mr. Tom