Friday, October 10, 2008

Taking a stand for good citizens

Hooray for Cook County Illinois sheriff Thomas J. Dart who is standing up for renters who have been put out on the street because building owners have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. Dart says that the mortgage companies don't care about who is in the building, they just want their money, so he wants the courts to protect the innocent tenants who have paid their bills on time. Dart is suspending foreclosure evictions in Cook County. The Illinois Bankers Assoc. opposes his plan and says he could be found in contempt of court . Cook County includes the city of Chicago.

Read the story here:

Glad to see an elected official with a conscience. Obama must have worked with Dart in Chicago. If elected President, do you think Obama will appoint Dart for some position in Washington?

I think Dart is "right on target!"