Friday, November 7, 2008

Gay Rights Denied

I have a hard time understanding how Americans can come together to transcend bigotry and ideology by electing Barack Obama as President, and on the same day vote to deny equal rights to gay couples. It doesn't make sense. By voting Yes on Proposition 8 (to ban gay marriage) Americans in Florida, Arizona, and California have voted to legalize prejudice. It seems like a step backwards.

I have heard that proponents of Prop 8 illegally used images of Obama in their ads and fliers. Obama does not support Prop. 8. Also in California many Catholic churches, Evangelicals, the Christian Coalition and Dobson's Focus on the Family were telling their congregations to vote Yes on Prop 8. According to the tax code rule, religious organizations are not allowed to intervene in political campaigns (See the IRS 501c3). They should lose their tax exempt status for violating the tax code rule, and discriminating against gays.

Passing this legislation means that a majority of voters have denied a minority of the population their civil rights. That's not fair. We have a government of judges and courts to protect equality. Hopefully the California Supreme Court will strike down Prop 8.

I believe that electing Obama is a great first step toward racial harmony in America, and I hope he can lead us toward a more inclusive society in general.