Monday, January 5, 2009

Gotta See Milk!

Bravo to the 19th St. Theatre in Allentown for showing the movie "Milk." I have not seen it yet, but plan on seeing it as soon as we can get a babysitter! Sean Penn plays Harvey Milk, who in 1977 became the first openly gay elected official from California. I have read that the movie is more about a movement than a candidate and that Milk fought not just for gay rights but for human rights. He was an outspoken man who had a great love for the city of San Francisco, he had faith in people, he defended gay school teachers, was a community organizer, and an activist. I think this film is important because it deals with the details of politics at a local level, something we don't usually see in a major motion picture.

It is sad that in 2009, 30 years after Milk, we are still dealing with the same issues, and gay rights is still a matter of debate (Proposition 8). But Milk was an agent for change and for hope and I think the fact that this movie is coming out now is very significant. And because of Harvey Milk and how he has inspired others, we are getting a little closer to his vision of equality.