Sunday, February 15, 2009

Separated at Birth?

Readers, in the past few months, Allentown Mayoral Hopeful (wink wink) Mike "3%" Molovinsky has made Mrs. Dottie and me the target of vile, smear-tactic, and lie-laden posts at his comment-moderated blog, Molovinsky On Allentown, seven (7) times. 

Yep. 7 times. That's (we're estimating) about 42% of Mike's total blog output. Well, we think it's high time we respond (as our legions of activist readers have been imploring us to do, back-channel), so here goes ...

Gladys Kravitz was a fictional character on the TV comedy, Bewitched.

Mike Molovinsky is a "real character" at the spelling- and grammar-challenged (and frequently 100% fact-free) NeoCon comedy blog farce, Molovinsky On Allentown.

Gladys Kravitz was the obsessively nosey (and jealous) neighbor of dapper advertising man Darrin Stephens and his supernaturally gifted wife, Samantha.

Mike Molovinsky is the obsessively nosey (and jealous) South Whitehall Township know-it-all whiner who constantly monitors dapper advertising man Bill Villa and his wife, the bewitching and supernaturally gifted Mrs. Dottie.

Gladys Kravitz's paranoid nosiness, her incessant squealing to her husband Abner Kravitz, and the trouble she always tried (unsuccessfully :) to cause Darrin and Samantha Stephens were all recurring themes on Bewitched.

Mike Molovinsky's paranoid nosiness, his incessant squealing to his equally insignificant other [Redacted], and the trouble they always try (unsuccessfully :) to cause Bill and Angie Villa are all recurring themes at Molovinsky On Allentown. 

Although a relatively minor character on Bewitched, the role of Gladys Kravitz was memorable (and annoying) enough that the term "Gladys Kravitz" entered the American vernacular and is used as a synonym for an obsessively nosey (and jealous) neighbor.

Although a definitely minor character in Allentown (Molovinsky scored a measly and belly-laughable 3% of the vote in his "bid" (wink wink) for Allentown Mayor in 2005), the term "Mike Molovinsky" has entered our local blogosphere's vernacular and is synonymous with the expression, "he can dish it out but he can't take it."

[This post was composed by Mr. Dottie. Click on headline to watch an episode of Bewitched]