Friday, March 20, 2009

Magistrate Reschedules O'Hare vs. Villa

Readers, the gripping courtroom drama that had been scheduled for Monday, March 23rd, has been moved to mid-May, at the request of the Magistrate. 

For the record, neither of the 2 prior continuances were requested by me-- as has been slitheringly misrepresented by the whiney Complainant in this case, per his standard M.O. 

The first reschedule and voluntary recusal was made by the original Magistrate in the case. 

The second reschedule was requested by legal counsel because of a prior court commitment.  

And this 3rd reschedule was initiated by the presiding Magistrate. 

Personally, I cannot wait for these legal proceedings to get started. 

Unfortunately, we'll all have to wait until mid-May now.    

[Posted by Mr. Dottie]