Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cheering Glenn Kranzley's Firing

Read LVS's 9/27/11 Revisit UpDate: Glenn Kranzley refused Bill Villa a "Welcome Mat" meeting 229 times ... how come?


If you submitted a "Letter to the Editor" of The Morning Call "newspaper" any time in the last 20 years and ended up just spittin' mad seeing your letter either totally ignored, or published, but anally over-edited, politically corrected, and robbed of all your intended meaning, it was now ex-Morning Call VP of Editorial & Opinions Glenn Kranzley who did that to you-- with a smug and satisfied smirk on his face (see photo).

If you approached The Morning Call Editorial Board (where Glenno ruled the roost) and politely requested a "Welcome Mat" meeting that the "newspaper" claims at its website is graciously extended to "anyone who wants to be heard," and you were denied, or ignored, as I've been, 229 times to date, it was Glenn Kranzley who did that to you-- with a smug and satisfied smirk on his face.

If stumble bum Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin bungled your perpetrator's prosecution or intentionally screwed you out of justice, while The Morning Call "newspaper" purposefully looked the other way as you begged them in vain for help, it was Glenn Kranzley who did that to you-- with a smug and satisfied smirk on his face.

For 20 years, Glenn Kranzley was the Editorial & Opinions gatekeeper and political agenda framer and influencer at Allentown's stranglehold monopoly "newspaper." It was a powerful position that lent itself to arrogance, hubris, cronyism, favoritism, collusion, and corruption-- every bit as much as that of a crooked and incompetent district attorney who retains his "elected" (wink wink) office by conveniently running unopposed every four years-- thanks in large part to Glenn Kranzley.

When our local blogosphere was indignantly dissenting against The Morning Call's racist and hate-filled "Forum" comment sections at its website, Glenn Kranzley created "Valley Blogosphere at The Morning Call."

Diabolically, membership immediately converted some outspoken Morning Call critics and local blogger "Watch Dogs" (and Villas justice mission supporters) into "celebrity" aquiver lapdogs and sabotaging attack dogs.
Almost all local blogosphere dissent against The Morning Call was effectively quashed [see LVS right sidebar blurb on Glenn Kranzley for more detail].

And anyone who dared to keep dissenting against the "newspaper" got muzzled by "Valley Blogosphere" bloggers ... temporarily.

On Friday June 5, The Tribune Company finally wiped that satisfied smug smirk off of Glenn Kranzley's kisser by firing his ass.

Here at Lehigh Valley Somebody, we're grinning from ear to ear.

And cheering.

And still dissenting against the "newspaper."

Good riddance, Glenno.

One down. One to go.