Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is Dean Browning a Shameless Publicity Whore and an O'Hare-Duped Dunce?

UpDate: Yes, he sure is.

Readers, in spite of overwhelming evidence published here at LVS and in The Morning Call and emailed to every elected official in Lehigh and Northampton counties that details how hate blogger Bernie O'Hare has never been rehabilitated from the Evil Intent activity (in the conclusions of the PA Supreme Court) that he was disbarred for in 1986, incredibly, and inexplicably, Lehigh County Commissioner Dean Browning was spotted on the Lehigh Valley Ramblings shameless publicity whore stage last Friday comment-pontificating at an O'Hare blog dropping on Charlie Dent.

We confronted Commissioner Dean Brown-Noser immediately ...

Dean Browning: please send us your statement regarding how you justify your continued affiliation w/ O'Hare after having digested LVS's exclusive exposé on him.