Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meet The New Boss

Many are saying that Obama's powerful speech last night was the greatest speech ever by a US President in front of a joint session of Congress, and we here at LVS agree. He kicked ass. He took CHARGE.
One high point of the speech was when Obama said that his "door is open" to GOP ideas, but he will "call out liars." He spoke directly to senior citizens who have been the target of the ridiculous lies about "death panels." He said his plan is "not a government takeover." A low point of the speech was when Representative Joe Wilson from South Carolina yelled out "you lie" (or some sources report that he said "it's a lie") when Obama stated that his plan does not cover illegal immigrants. Wilson showed complete disrespect for The President, and proved just how low the hateful wingnuts will go to make sure our President fails.

Another high point of Obama's speech was when he spoke about the late Ted Kennedy, and the letter Kennedy wrote in defense of liberalism. Kennedy strongly believed that health care is a moral issue and that it speaks to the character of Americans. To deny sick people health care coverage due to a pre-existing condition, or loss of job, is a social injustice. We are all in this together and should help each other. No one in America should die because they can't afford medical treatment. Quality health care is a human need, not a privilege just for people who can afford it. Evoking Kennedy at the end was LIBERALISM at it's best. Obama spoke directly to the American people , referencing real life stories of people dying and going bankrupt because of the current abuses of the health care industry.

The root of Obama's speech was that comprehensive regulation of the healthcare industry is long overdue. Obama stressed that he does not want to put HIC's out of business, he "just wants to hold them accountable." He wants to make it illegal for HIC's to deny coverage for a pre-existing condition, or when you lose your job. Obama's brilliant plan has pluses for everybody: the American people, the Republicans (Obama has much GOP input including McCain's ideas, and GOP goals of reforming malpractice litigation) and even insurance companies will gain millions of new customers via Obama making minimal coverage mandatory for everyone, similar to car insurance.

Get on board Republicans, the train is leaving the station with or without you. It's time to stop playing partisan politics with the lives of American citizens.