Friday, October 23, 2009

Grayson's Got Guts!

Representative Alan Grayson (D-Fla) has become the new star of the Democratic Party because he has the courage to speak out loudly for the people. During a speech on the House floor, he said that the GOP's alternative healthcare plan is simple, "Don't Get Sick. And if you do get sick, die quickly." see this video

Grayson highlighted a Harvard study that found 44,000 Americans die annually due to no health insurance. We wrote about those facts here at LVS. We Must Have A Public Option

It's refreshing to finally watch a Democrat speak in a no-nonsense way, and to call out the RepubliCONS as "the party of no, and soon, the party of nobody." Seems like it is working. The "you get more bees with honey" approach is not gonna work here because people are dying, and because the majority of the American public supports a public option, or as it has been cleverly coined by Liberals, "Medicare Part E," i.e., Medicare for Everybody. Sometimes the truth has gotta sting and wake people up. Democrats have got to stand up to the bullying, lies, and smear campaigns of the right. Grayson says, "I don't remember hearing a lot about bipartisanship when we were talking about tax breaks for the rich."

Democrats are in power now and we gotta start getting things done. Let the tea baggers protest-- who cares. The facts speak for themselves. We the people want a public option.

Grayson has started a website called Names of the Dead as a tribute to people who have died due to lack of health insurance.

Grayson's campaign fundraising website is called A Congressman With Guts.

We're hoping Alan Grayson's gutsiness is contagious.

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