Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's About Time For Gay Rights

After winning the Nobel Peace Prize, our President Obama has started kicking some civil rights buttocks by pledging to end the outdated policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the military, and to move forward on repealing the Defense of Marriage Act. It's way long past the time that gays should have the same civil rights as everyone else in America.
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We know that our President has an enormous amount of important stuff on his proverbial plate right now, but we think this issue of gay rights is extremely important. Gay columnist Andrew Sullivan is not happy and says that Obama has done nothing, offered no timeline, no deadline for action. I can understand his POV and frustration, and we think Obama needs to now act, but geez what about the Democrats in Congress? We have a Democratic majority and still nothing has been done. We think our elected leaders and all of us need to scream a little louder about this issue. Gotta give the wacko religious right and the neo-cons credit for screaming the loudest about their crazy beliefs and values. We can understand why gays are tired of waiting, but we don't think complaining is going to help them right now.

Obama is putting the issue front and center by speaking about it and pledging to do something. He's done more than any other President. Gotta give him credit. In our present time of such gross injustices, (ie health insurance company abuses, bailing out Wall St. robber barons, right wing media lies) I guess we should be happy about even the smallest tablescrap of Democratic ballsiness in this country. Maybe it will inspire other Democrats to grow half a set, and speak out LOUDER for human rights.