Saturday, November 7, 2009

DA Jim Martin Still Firmly in Favor of Paying for Sex

In vein-throbbing defiance of the Pennsylvania Superior Court and Lehigh County Judge Robert Steinberg and the Pennsylvania State Police, Lehigh County District Attorney (for now) Jim Martin is maintaining his hard-line stance that it's appropriate to pay citizen informants to have sex at massage spas as many times as Martin wants it.

Sadly, DA Martin is now caught nakedly all alone w/ his over-sexed issue.

Let us explain ...

Back in 2006, some local (and still un-named) guy patronizing the Shiatsu (massage parlor) Spa in suburban Allentown was highly "offended" when sex was allegedly offered to him. He later contacted State Police who proposed that the "offended" man return to the spa and (what the heck) have sex w/ the female masseuse who had "offended" him. Well apparently the guy got over being "offended" pretty quickly as he returned to the spa for "a smorgasbord of sexual activity" four (4) more times. Each "Happy Ending" was paid for by the PA State Police who also paid the increasingly "offended" (wink wink) informant $180.00 for performing such upstanding civic service.

The State Police made recordings of themselves and the "offended" informant laughing and joking about his multiple sexual encounters at the spa.

"No Nonsense" (wink wink) DA Jim Martin took charge and charged the owner of the spa w/ prostitution, presumably after Martin himself stopped laughing like a high school sophomore at the State Police's hardy har har recordings.

Lehigh County Judge Robert Steinberg (Martin's far superior predecessor as DA) tossed off Martin's case immediately on the grounds that the government (namely DA Martin and the cops) had "acted outrageously."

Steinberg's position was that the "offended" man's subsequent, frequent, and state cop-paid-for visits to the spa for sex "did not advance the police investigation."

Steinberg went on to say that we [the people] expect more from law enforcement [and especially from our Chief Law Enforcement Officer DA Jim Martin, eh?] "and demand that they conduct their investigations and utilize their resources without resorting to such embarrassing investigative techniques."

Steinberg continued: "No adequate supervisory guidance was provided [Jim?], no standards existed for this type of investigation [again, Martin M.I.A], and some of the behavior by the participants [this includes DA Martin] was sophomoric."

In a jaw-dropping display of hard-on arrogance, DA Jim Martin subsequently appealed Judge Steinberg's ruling to the Pennsylvania Superior Court-- as if our PA courts aren't gagging already on total nonsense appeals.

On Thursday, 11/5/09, the PA Superior Court spanked and bitch-slapped DA Jim Martin by upholding Judge Steinberg's ruling against him.

"It is difficult to imagine how this informant could have been so offended, and yet proceed to engage in oral and sexual intercourse with the two women in the case, and laugh about it with the investigating troopers after each occasion," wrote Judge John T. Bender for the 3-judge Superior Court panel.

So was DA Jim Martin finally spent and ready for a cigarette? Hardly. Like the "offended" Shiatsu Spa John, Jumbo Jim Martin is coming back for more.

Martin says he "plans to seek review by the State SUPREME Court." [!]

Readers, even PA State Police spokeswoman Lt. Myra Taylor concedes that "the informant's behavior did not conform with state police standards" and that the "troopers' conduct has been addressed internally."

Additionally, the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas and the Pennsylvania Superior Court have both ruled against DA Jim Martin.

But DA Jim Martin wants to pay for sex (dammit) and as frequently as he sees fit, because nobody, and we mean NOBODY, tells (unopposed) DA Jim Martin he's WRONG, and so he's taking his "Justice Mission" all the way to the PA Supreme Court.

What an asshole.