Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chor-Bishop Seely Beggiani on Being a Priest

Read May 27, 2013 Post UpDate

[Text borrowed w/ all due respect from Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Seminary website. The shockingly deceitful and sadistic behavior that's ingeniously juxtaposed and hyper-linked to is owned by "Father" Alex Joseph]

"It is part of God's plan that certain men be called to the ordained ministry of the priesthood.

A seminary is a place where those who feel that they may have been called to this special role of service come to reflect further on God's intentions for them.

It is also a place where a person seeks to increase in virtue and deepen the life of prayer.

Priesthood further demands that the candidate prepare himself through the study of theology, scripture, liturgy, and through supervised pastoral ministry, so that the future priest will have the competence to lead and minister to his people.

Being a seminary of the Maronite Church, Our Lady of Lebanon seeks to perpetuate the Syriac and Maronite tradition. Its alumni are called to serve Maronite parishes in the United States. Its mission is to perpetuate the Maronite tradition in the United States and throughout the world. We welcome candidates who wish to serve the Maronite church by ministering to its people and to those who wish to live the Christian life according to the Maronite tradition."

If you'd like to become a Maronite priest or prevent "Father" Alex Joseph from becoming one, Chor-Bishop Seely Beggiani can be contacted at or (202) 723-8831.