Monday, April 19, 2010

Beatnik Brosky Bops By to Banter w/ Bill

Relentless local music legend Steve Brosky (center) dropped by The Villa's security-patrolled North Allentown estate on Monday afternoon (he had an appointment).

With co-writer (and videographer and theatre impressario) Ara Barlieb (right) manning the tape recorder and joining in the discussion, Steve and Ara interviewed and gabbed w/ Bill Villa (left) for about an hour and a half.

Steve and Ara are writing a cool new book, a combination of Brosky's Memoirs and a history of popular music in and around the Lehigh Valley circa 1960s to the present. The book will be titled, "I Never Worked at Bethlehem Steel," and there are two publishers interested already and here's hoping for a bidding war.

Steve and Ara have been interviewing local music mavens & movers & shakers & significant others for about a year: Jerry Deane, Jay Proctor, Pat Wallace, Dave Fry, Dave Sestak, Bill (ahem) Villa, and many others, and the plan is for Steve and Ara to get everybody who counts (and who can still remember the 60s, 70s, and 80s) on the record and in the book. This should be a great read! And there'll no doubt be some great photos in there too!

During his interview, Bill waxed poetic on The Daddy Licks Band (1979-1986, and, 2006-Present), telling some great stories (old & new) about the band (Bill was/is The Daddy Licks Band's manager) as well as our popular power-pop band, The Villas (1999-Present).

BTW, you can see Steve Brosky, The Daddy Licks Band, and The Villas at Mayfair 2010, so check the schedule and save the date and be there!

And be sure to check out Steve Brosky's latest release that he freebie-comped us (Merci, Steve), "a collection of bro-sky," a "greatest hits" selection of songs from Steve's previous 6 CDs, a great batch of 12 songs on one Brosky disc.

Singer, songwriter, musicologist, frequent Lehigh Valley Music Award Winner, funky hunky king, and now, author, Steve Brosky. An impressive resume addition, Steve, and hey man, we want a signed & numbered copy of "I Never Worked at Bethlehem Steel" as soon as it's ready to read.

Thanks again for bopping by, it was nice seeing you here again, and also great meeting hipster Ara Barlieb.

[Post by Angie Villa, Photo: Gianni Villa]