Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lehigh Valley Blogosphere


Mike Molovinsky: Is now on a "mission" to "confront hypocrisy," a.k.a.
Bernie O'Hare.

Oh okay now we get it. It had to be his idea.

LVCI: Quitters Never Win.

ElVee, if you need any tips on how to outmaneuver that self-duped dunce O'Hare, do give a ring.

Mellow Yellow: Allentown Ethics Board (sigh) here you come.

Geez. It's like professional wrestling in our local blogosphere, what w/ all the good guy, bad guy, flip-flopping continuously.

One week Chris Casey is O'Hare's beleaguered victim (or vice versa) and then before you know it Casey is french kissing O'Hare again (or email circulating chapters of a blog novel that depicts an O'Hare-esque blogging character from Nazareth dead at his computer w/ the keyboard inserted rectally and postmortem ouch).

Then Mike Molovinsky is O'Hare's victim du jour, or vice versa. And then Mikey is re-pledging his O'Hare allegiance (or kvetching at or about him).

Now LVCI is "on" to O'Hare (for now).

Sadly, Mike Donovan is permanently O'Hare-Duped.

Ditto Jeff Pooley. Pam Varkony. Dean Browning. Don Cunning-Ham. Alex Joseph. John Stoffa. Sal Panto. Tony Iannelli. The Morning Call "newspaper." Attorney (for now) Dave Najarian. Sheesh. It's all documented in our right sidebar content.

And then there's this (and Allentown Ethics Board take note b/c this one's especially for you) from the ...

Master Of Miss-Direction.

Well anyways, we're glad you're all (for now) finally seeing the light about O'Hare, "guys."

Pardonez-moi Angie and me as we set the Truth Trends and stay above the fray.

Just sayin'.