Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Michael Donovan Ethics Debacle Attracts Local Media and Statewide Interest

[5/30 Update: "Donovan Ethics Debacle Attracts Local Media" has been honored as the #1 most influential per post blog in Pennsylvania this week by BlogNet News. "Merci," to our legions of loyal LVS readers, statewide.]

[5/27 Update: Donovan Ethics Investigation on Channel 69 News. Q. Can Donovan really request a hearing after an official Advisory Opinion (that he doesn't like) is issued by the Ethics Board, as he's quoted in 69's coverage? We have a clarification inquiry in to the Allentown Ethics Board, stay tuned ...]

[5/27 Updated Update: Readers, plugging in JJ Eaton III's numbers, it looks like Donovan's window of opportunity to request a hearing as I had challenged him to do has expired, either on May 21 (if counting by calendar days) or (oopsie) yesterday, if counting by business days. So ... on 69 News @ 5:00pm yesterday, when 69 reported that Donovan "will appeal and request a hearing if the Ethics Board rules against him," did Donovan totally dupe Rob Vaughn & Company? Or (and we don't wanna believe this) was 69 News attempting to dupe its viewers on behalf of Donovan? We have a request for a comment in to 69 News Director Brad Rinehart and on-air personality Rob Vaughn, stay tuned ... UpDate on Updated Update: Brad Rinehart responds (Merci, Brad), see "Comments" section]

[5/27 Updated Update on Update: If JJ Eaton III's "forward" of the Villa's complaint to Donovan on May 5 was electronic (email) and Donovan received it May 5, then yeah, looks like time's up for Donovan regarding requesting a hearing. However, if JJ's "forward" was via U.S. Mail (and we don't know; and JJ could say anything), Donovan would then indeed have more time (and maybe as much as a week more, U.S. Mail) to Accept The Bill Villa Challenge and Request a Hearing.]

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There's a decent story in Wednesday's Morning Call on the ethics complaint we filed against A-Town City Councilperson Mike Donovan, by Jarrett Renshaw.

Not sure why Sheena's death and my "tanglings" w/ Jim Martin and The Morning Call are part of a story on an ethics investigation of Mike Donovan (wink wink) and [Corrections & Clarifications] there were two (2) courtroom "spats" w/ local bloggers, one in Northampton County, and another in Lehigh County, and I prevailed (easily) in both cases, w/ a third case in progress. Other than that, we thought Renshaw's article was kinda fair.

We are anticipating that this stunningly deceitful quote from Donovan in the article will back-fire on him like an exploding cigar. It should anyway ...

"... all of us who have been attacked wish Mr. Villa would see that we wish no harm to him or his family," Donovan said.

Really, Mike? No harm? FYI, the Ethics Board has 13 pages of offensive, sadistically cruel, false, and clearly libelous comments, enabled and encouraged by you, against me and my grief-stricken family at your blog. Including two by you that declare, "I am just going to let all comments run. They are fun to read," and "I would never apologize [to Villa]."

BTW, here's the "all of us" Donovan is referring to.

Will the Allentown Ethics Board do its duty and make Allentown proud?

Inquiring minds want to know.