Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bill Villa Knocks Out Everybody @ City Council Meeting w/ 1 Punch (just sayin')

Here's the 3-minute exposé knockout punch I delivered at the June 16 Allentown City Council Meeting.

FYI, I'll be returning to City Council on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month to re-deliver it, until City Council VP and ethics professor (swear to God) W. Michael Donovan deletes every single one of the hundreds of anti-Villas comments he keeps flying proudly at his blog and gives my family and me the public apology in Council Chambers (and in writing) that he should have given us a long time ago.

I'm Bill Villa, a lifelong resident of Allentown.

I'm here to talk about City Council VP Donovan, and how he uses his Internet blog to host, and encourage, hate speech against citizens of Allentown.

For the entire month of March 2010, Donovan allowed and knowingly published hundreds of vile blog comments about me, my wife Angie, and my deceased daughter Sheena, at the same blog he uses to communicate with constituents.

And I say knowingly published because about 2 weeks into his month-long cyber attack on my family, Donovan posted this comment himself that read:

I am just going to let all comments run. They are fun to read."

One fun comment implied that I engage in necrophilia with my deceased daughter ... other comments still at Donovan's blog declare that Bill Villa is a professional asshole ... who drinks his own urine ... snorts his dead daughter's ashes ... is a lousy human being ... an evil and irrelevant creature ... a transsexual ... a convicted criminal who has made terroristic threats against the DA ... has threatened to kill employees of The Morning Call ... and whose wife is a robot with a chip in her brain and who's going to hell.

There was also talk of disrupting The Villas musical performance at Mayfair .. at Arts Commissioner Donovan's fun blog.

Council President D'Amore knew all about what was going on at Donovan's blog this past March. D'Amore told me he looked into a censure for Donovan, and it was D'Amore who advised me to file a complaint against Donovan with the Allentown Ethics Board.

Donovan rejected
having a hearing in front of the Ethics Board ... because that would have made public all his hate speech against my family ... and because The Morning Call has deceitfully not mentioned any of Donovan's hate speech in its reporting, this forum is really my only opportunity to inform and educate the public on the real W. Michael Donovan.

Ethics Professor Donovan. Who's political blogging chums include Chris Casey from Trexlertown and [Redacted], who, in lock-step with Donovan, and The Morning Call, all bash Mayor Pawlowski relentlessly.

Most of the comments targeting and terrorizing my family at Donovan's blog were posted and signed by Trexlertown Casey and [Redacted].

In its 100% Integrity-Free reporting on the Ethics Board's ruling, The Morning Call actually quotes Casey and [Redacted] as character witnesses for Donovan ... but somehow forgets on purpose to mention that these same two cretins, posting (and signing) vile comments at Donovan's blog, were responsible for Donovan getting hauled in front of the Ethics Board to begin with.

Bill White knew enough about my ethics complaint to deem it "preposterous" and "frivolous" ... but, like Jarrett Renshaw, Bill White left out the necrophilia part ... and anything that came even close to describing the hate speech against my family at Donovan's blog.

So now you have The Ugly Truth about Michael Donovan who signs his blog and emails with this pathetic piece of hypocrisy:

"Progress Begins with Mutual Respect"

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