Thursday, July 14, 2011

Booze-loving DA Jim Martin gives another drunk driver the break of a lifetime

Let's read between the lines of the always helpful to DA Jim Martin Morning Call "newspaper" account, shall we?

Man admits injuring passenger in drunken crash

Police: Vehicle goes airborne at 100 mph on rural road

By Kevin Amerman, Of The Morning Call "newspaper"

and Bill Villa, Of Lehigh Valley Somebody

A Forks Township man has admitted to speeding and driving recklessly while drunk last summer, causing a crash that seriously injured his passenger, who police say had warned the driver to slow down.

This happened LAST SUMMER? That's a YEAR ago. Why did it take a YEAR to resolve this case?

Joshua L. Share, 25, who police said was driving more than 100 mph down an Upper Macungie road in June 2010 before crashing, pleaded guilty last week to driving drunk with a blood alcohol level at or above .16 percent — twice the legal limit.

Share pleaded guilty LAST WEEK? Why was there a WEEK DELAY in reporting this?

Share also pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment and four summary offenses for careless driving, speeding, failing to stop at a stop sign and reckless driving.

The two reckless endangerment charges each carry maximum penalties of two years in prison and the DUI charge could land Share in prison for up to a year.

Five years ... yeah, right ... let's see what Joshua Share really gets.

In return for his pleas, the most serious charge against Share — felony aggravated assault while driving drunk — was dropped.

Dropped? Why? Why wouldn't DA Jim Martin THROW THE BOOK at this drunk driver? Why would DA Jim Martin drop the felony aggravated assault charge? Not confident he could convince a jury?

Despite pleas from passenger Joshua Reinert to slow down, police say Share continued speeding and lost control of his car, striking a pole around 8 p.m. June 12 (LAST YEAR) at Arrowhead Lane and Adams Road. The car flipped several times and Reinert suffered vertebrae fractures in his neck and spine, bruised lungs and knee injuries.

This is exactly how my daughter Sheena was killed in 2006, by a drunk driver going 100 mph and ignoring his passenger's pleas to slow down. It's a miracle Joshua Reinert wasn't killed.

Q. When is DA Jim Martin going to send a message to drunk drivers that Lehigh County is not the place where you want to drive drunk.

A. (hiccup) Never.

According to court records:

Berks-Lehigh Regional police arrived after 8:10 p.m. and found a utility pole that had been knocked over, a car on its roof and Share on the road being tended to by paramedics. Reinert had already been transported to the hospital.

A police officer assisting paramedics smelled alcohol on Share, and police requested blood samples be taken at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest, where Share and Reinert were treated.

Witnesses said Share and Reinert had left a party in the area moments before the crash. Another witness said Share ran the stop sign before crashing.

Reinert was interviewed later and told police he was concerned about Share's speeding and told him to slow down. Reinert said he also warned Share about the stop sign at Adams Road, but Share never slowed down. He told police Share was not familiar with the roads.

A crash investigation determined that Share was heading east on Arrowhead Lane "at speeds in excess of 100 mph" and became airborne just after crossing Adams Road. When the car landed, Share lost control of the car and it slid before striking and shearing off the utility pole. The car then rolled several times before coming to rest in a field.

Test results showed that Share had a 0.16 blood-alcohol content.

FYI, as DA Jim Martin dragged his flat feet on this case, for a YEAR, Joshua Share has very likely been free to keep driving. Yep. Hopefully, he didn't injure anyone else in the past YEAR.

Share was charged on Aug. 21 (OF LAST YEAR) and released on $50,000 unsecured ($0.00) bail that day.

So it took DA Jim Martin over 2 months, 70 days (from June 12 to August 21 of last YEAR) to even charge Joshua Share w/ a crime. And then it took DA Jim Martin a YEAR to get Joshua Share to approve a bargain plea deal. Incredible.

Over in neighboring Northampton County recently, concerned citizens were rightfully clamoring for DA John Morganelli's head because it took him 7 days after a holiday weekend to file much more complex double homicide charges against former cop and alleged double DUI killer John P. Heaney III.

Share is scheduled to be sentenced next month by Lehigh County Senior Judge Lawrence J. Brenner.

Certainly, Morning Call "reporter" Kevin Amerman knows the date and time of the sentencing, but to protect DA Jim Martin, Judge Brenner, and criminal defendant Joshua Share, Amerman didn't report it. I'll get the date and time tomorrow. [Update: It's August 15, 1:30pm, Courtroom 2B]

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Mrs. Dottie said...

Déjà vu ...

455 West Hamilton St. said...

I wonder if Jim Martin lapdog Renee Smith brokered this deal, thank God Renee came in dead last for judge ... definitely a rebuke of Jim.

Bill Villa said...

I'll find out on Friday. I also want Judge Brenner's sentencing date and time so I can be there. I'll phone DA Jim Martin "Executive Aide" (wink wink) Debbie Garlicki.

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The City Official said...

Don't be fooled by Jim Martin's "conviction" rate. Crimonals gladly plead guilty to the "bargain" plea deals Jim magnanimously gives them b/c he's too lazy to prosecute. Example.

Mrs. Dottie said...

Well said. Related story ...

Anonymous said...

The arrogance and hubris of Jim Martin is astounding. He doesn't even clean up his act temporarily in an election year. Now that's confidence.

Bill Villa said...

Jimbo knows he's covered (for now).

Anonymous said...

Lehigh County apathy is what's covering Martin.

Bill Villa said...

Yeah ... while "Democrats," including Malcolm J. Gross, raise money for Jim Martin, shameful details here ...

McJudas said...

Villas, not a peep in the Morning Call regarding the June 12 (of last year) 100mph-crash.

Nothing June 12, 2010

Nothing June 13, 2010

Nothing June 14, 2010

Regarding the Aug 21 (of last year) charges ...

Nothing August 21, 2010

Nothing August 22, 2010

Oh, here, they finally get around to covering it ...


LVS SiteMeter(R) Spotlight said...

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LVS SiteMeter(R) Spotlight said...

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Bill Villa said...

According to Lehigh County Court Administration, Joshua Share's sentencing hearing is Monday, August 15 (2011), 1:30pm, in Judge Brenner's courtroom 2B.

I'm expecting Judge Brenner to reject DA Jim Martin's plea deal because of its ludicrous laxity, and if he doesn't I'll wanna know why not. See you there.

LVS SiteMeter(R) Spotlight said...

Chris Casey's wife Krista Miller Casey stalking LVS from work ...

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Tony Malone said...

Bill, last I checked,
LVH's IT tech head is Brian J. Blagbrough, 610-402-1386, if you wanna squeal on Krista Miller Casey and get her fired. Just sayin'.

Bill Villa said...

Merci, we probably will, after having been accommodated so graciously (in a similar situation) by the employer of Lehigh County Commissioner candidate and former LVS cyber stalker Geoff Brace.

Mrs. Dottie said...

Sadly related story ...

Bill Villa said...

I notice that 3 of Krista Casey's friends are "Chris Casey" who has created 3 different identities at facebook and who knows how many anon aliases at Patch.

Tony Malone said...

Well said.

Bill Villa said...


Some LVS SiteMeter(R) Spotlight visitor/stalker "callouts" are based solely on our (savvy, astute, informed, researched, and corroborated) opinion.

Others we are 100% proof-positive of.