Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Exposed: DA Jim Martin's secret bail hearing for Michael Randolph's killer

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Lehigh County Courthouse
455 West Hamilton Street
Allentown PA 18101

Courtroom 4A: Judge Robert L. Steinberg

Curiously …

(as of the time of this blog post), there's no mention of this pre-preliminary hearing bail hearing in the Andrew Gesslein Criminal Docket that the public has been following via this blog and the Justice for Michael Randolph Facebook Page since June 7.

Instead, on June 15, Team Martin/Gesslein quietly created this Andrew Gesslein Miscellaneous Docket where they've skillfully hidden Andrew Gesslein's secret June 28 bail hearing in plain sight (but only if you know where to look) to cover their crony crooked asses.

LVS is pleased to announce that licensed NRA firearms instructor and confessed killer Andrew Gesslein's June 28 VIP bail hearing isn't a secret anymore and we hope to see you all there.

Naturally, there's been no coverage of Andrew Gesslein's formerly secret bail hearing by DA Jim Martin's local press agent, The Morning Call "newspaper."

Q. How can Andrew Gesslein have another bail hearing? The first one was on 6/7/12 and bail was denied, the reason being that Voluntary Manslaughter is a "non-bailable offense" as is noted in the criminal docket (see page 2). If the criminal charges haven't changed (yet), how can they now be a bailable offense? Is DA Jim Martin caving to pressure from the NRA?

Q. The Andrew Gesslein blind spot Miscellaneous Docket that was created on June 15, 2012 states that it's for "Magisterial District Judge Matters." Then how come the secret bail hearing's presiding Judge Robert L. Steinberg is a judge of the (higher court) Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas?