Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sheena Villa, always in our hearts

I snapped this photo of my only daughter Sheena Marie Amelia Villa on her 25th, and last, birthday, March 23, 2006, just hours before she was violently killed by Gross McGinley Partner Attorney Donald LaBarre's son Robert LaBarre who it would take DA Jim Martin 2.5 months to arrest, see TV news coverage. Robert LaBarre subsequently went AWOL on an unauthorized 10-day vacation to Belize, Central America and for which there were no consequences from Judge Robert L. Steinberg (no bail revocation, no incarceration, no nothing) and longtime Gross McGinley media client The Morning Call curiously refused to report on any aspect of this apparent crony-crooked corruption/favoritism or incompetence.

But an even bigger eye-opening experience for us was DA Jim Martin arranging a "bargain" and secret plea deal with Sheena's killer and his politically connected family and not notifying Sheena's family about the plea deal court proceeding, an obvious attempt to fix the case in the DUI killer's favor. 

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There would be lots more truth concealing & political punishing for us to outmaneuver & vanquish in the months & years ahead in winning table scrap of justice for Sheena and her family, all of which I am greatly looking forward to exposing comprehensively again, this time for a judge and a jury, during the in-progress civil litigation Martin vs. Villa, as part of an ongoing tribute to Sheena Villa who should have been shown more respect by our local media and justice systems.