Friday, January 20, 2017

Remembering Sheena, always in our hearts

I snapped this photo of my only daughter Sheena Marie Amelia Villa on her 25th, and last, birthday, March 23, 2006, just hours before she was violently killed by Gross McGinley Partner Attorney Donald LaBarre's son Robert LaBarre who it would take DA Jim Martin 2.5 months to arrest, see TV news coverage. Robert LaBarre subsequently went AWOL on an unauthorized 10-day vacation to Belize, Central America and for which there were no consequences whatsoever from Judge Robert L. Steinberg (no bail revocation, no incarceration, no stern words, no nothing) and longtime Gross McGinley media client The Morning Call curiously refused to report on any aspect of this apparent crony-crooked colluding corruption/favoritism or incompetence.

This was an eye-opening experience for me.

There would be lots more dirty dealing truth concealing & political punishing for me to outmaneuver & vanquish in the months & years ahead in winning table scrap of justice for Sheena and her family, all of which I am greatly looking forward to exposing comprehensively again, this time for a judge and a jury, during the in-progress civil litigation Martin vs. Villa, as part of an ongoing tribute to Sheena Villa who should have been shown more respect by our local media and justice systems.


Lying DA Jim Martin Blinks ... and Sues Me

Read Morning Call story, hear WAEBV shows @ YouTube

"Mr. Martin, with his latest nonsense/vendetta litigation, is attempting to silence my free speech -- free speech that includes verifiable facts and my opinions. If the first judge who sees this malicious and vexatious farce doesn't toss it, I intend to pulverize Mr. Martin in court." -Bill Villa, quoted in The Morning Call | February 11, 2015
[Feb 16, 2016] Read UpDated Editorial in The Vermont Sun
Read eye-opening editorial in The Vermont Eagle on DA Jim Martin's malicious muzzling of my free speech at WAEB. Hear my WAEB shows @ YouTube. 

Double Trouble: Judge Platt & DA Martin

"... Rot at Core of Lehigh County Criminal Justice ..." -By Irvin Muchnick

Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka Is Dead. But the Corrupt Cop and District Attorneys Who Let Snuka Off the Hook in Nancy Argentino’s Death Live On. -By Irvin Muchnick, Concussion, Inc.

Read Max Mitchell's exposé on DA Jim Martin's malicious muzzling of my free speech at WAEB in Philadelphia's The Legal Intelligencer. Hear my WAEB shows @ YouTube. 

My Case for a DUI Third Degree Murder Charge for Sheena's Killer Robert LaBarre

See 7 relevant PA DUI/Third Degree Murder casesall 7 convictions were upheld on appeal. I made this same case to DA Jim Martin and Judge Robert Steinberg, repeatedly, in 2006, on behalf of Sheena.  

Commonwealth vs. Kling
Commonwealth vs. Urbanski
Commonwealth vs. Pigg
Commonwealth vs. Scales
Commonwealth vs. Levin
Commonwealth vs. Dunphy
Commonwealth vs. Thompson

" ... the mens rea [necessary element] for third degree murder is malice, the definition of which is well settled: Malice consists of a "wickedness of disposition, hardness of heart, cruelty, recklessness of consequences, and a mind regardless of social duty, although a particular person may not be intended to be injured...." "Malice may be found where the defendant consciously disregarded an unjustified and extremely high risk that his actions might cause serious bodily injury." -Levin

[Video] Watch Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin inadvertently admit Robert LaBarre's third degree murder malice on CBS-3 Philadelphia, see the 1:31 mark at "Sheena Villa" where an uncharacteristically unscripted DA Jim Martin says,  "I think that there will be evidence that, that, will indicate that both he [i.e., a surviving backseat passenger] and Miss Villa, uh, cautioned LaBarre to slow down."

Allentown Police Department Arresting Officer Kevin Kennedy's Crash Reconstruction Report indicates that Robert LaBarre never braked before crashing, airborne, into a tree on the other side of a 35MPH residential street at a determined minimum crash speed of 85MPH, killing Sheena Villa. That is tangible and palpable proof that Robert LaBarre consciously disregarded an unjustified and extremely high risk that his actions might cause serious bodily injury. Robert LaBarre disregarded (for an estimated 30 seconds) his two passengers' screams to slow down. Like Kling, Urbanski, Pigg, Scales, Levin, Dunphy, and Thompson, Robert LaBarre should have been charged with, and convicted of, the crime he committed: third degree murder. 

DA Jim Martin "passed" on a slam dunk DUI third degree murder case against Gross McGinley partner attorney Don LaBarre's son Robert LaBarre. Why? FYI, Gross McGinley partner attorney and "Democrat" Mal Gross is a cash contributing member of Republican DA Jim Martin's Reelection Campaign Host Committee and represents The Morning Call "newspaper" and Gross McGinley partner attorney Patrick J. Reilly represents both Robert LaBarre and DA Jim Martin. Additionally, Gross McGinley partner attorneys who are regular and generous campaign contributors to DA Jim Martin include Paul McGinley, Patrick Reilly, J. Jackson Eaton, III, Victor Cavacini, and Howard Stevens  [Source: Lehigh County Campaign Finance Reports] so you connect the dots.

DA Jim Martin refused to charge Robert LaBarre with third degree murder, despite the merit of the charge, and in spite of Sheena's family's pleadings that he do so. By charging only Vehicular Homicide While DUI, DA Jim Martin reduced what could and should have been a 20 to 40 year state prison sentence for Robert LaBarre ... to only 5.5 years. Sheena deserved more time than that; here's how you can help us get Sheena more time.

Listen to my nearly 3 hours of additional defamation-free Facts & Truth Exposé on DA Jim Martin, Gross McGinley, and The Morning Call at WAEBV @ YouTube w/ more coming.

Read Related Story > Debbie Garlicki's Lehigh Valley Hospital Blame Game & DUI Death Cover-Up



A heartfelt thank you to the many who are emailing WAEB's requesting my return to their airwaves. I, too, am hoping they do the right thing. -Bill Villa

"Absolutely I can see you back on the air with Bobby again."
-Craig Stevens, WAEB Operations Mgr., 8/14/14 phone call

Friday, December 2, 2016

Who is Libelous Cyber Stalking Harasser Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic "Consulting?"

Jeffrey Anthony is ...

* the cowardly anonymous author of the libel blog, "Villas Victims United"

* a jealous cousin (he's my mother's sister's son)

* obsessed with a 2009 jury damages award regarding the wrongful death of my daughter Sheena

* obsessed with an expunged-decades-ago 1986 DUI he libelously misrepresents as being current (cruelly, he knows I've been in recovery and continuously sober since 1987 and he also appears to have used an insider connection w/ law enforcement to obtain "expunged" records which he then also falsified)

* ironically related (on his father's side) to courageous Bill Villa volunteer defense witness Lehigh County Judge Jim Anthony

* longtime unemployed/self-"employed"/failed "entrepreneur" (he rents desk space at AEDC which he misrepresents as "his company," Synaptic,  see same desk space renters in both photos)

* unstable, heavy drinker (I personally witnessed him gulp down around $200.00 worth one night at Robata of Toykyo and then "drive" home at likely 3X the legal limit despite my sober protestations)

blocked/banned & deleted @ countless Facebook pages for harassment, employment sabotage, and libel

* narcissistic sociopath (grandiose, charming, manipulative, violates others)

* enlisted as an affiant (potential witness) by DA Jim Martin

* currently (and since September 2015) endeavoring illegally to destroy me (unsuccessfully)

* illegal endeavors to date include providing false evidence and employment sabotage, criminal harassment, filing a false 911 report (normally a felony), and libel

* appears to be working for losing "defamation" litigant DA Jim Martin [Related Story

* appears to be enjoying complicit "cover" from The Morning Call "newspaper," The "Express" Times, and 69 "News," the Office of the District Attorney, and the Allentown Police Department 


Friday, December 25, 2015

Welcome email from astute reader

Bill, I spent some time reading stuff on your website, and I must confess, that even knowing beforehand how rotten and how corrupt some of our local officials are, I was still very shocked at their level of depravity and lack of compassion regarding the loss of your daughter. Their comments are staggering, and their emotional intelligence low. But for the grace of God, there go they (not a threat). I am so sorry that you guys had to suffer the painful onslaught of their evil words, in addition to the loss of someone who obviously meant so much to you. Again, I am just floored. I had no idea that there seems to be no depth to the level of their evil. Hang in there. It's amazing that you have still tried to bring about positive change, while confronting such horrific individuals. [Author's name withheld via mutual agreement, amplifying links added by LVS w/ author's approval]

Monday, May 27, 2013

We can do better than creepy cyber troll and sadist Father Alex Joseph as a Catholic priest

[UpDated Today] Although he's been living and allegedly studying for 9 years at Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Seminary in Washington DC [offline again after not paying their delinquent website bill it appears], curiously, recently ordained Catholic priest (for now) and Easton PA native Father Alex Joseph has somehow found the time to remain a 24/7 obsessive-compulsive blog commenter at numerous hate blogs in The Morning Call "newspaper" affiliated Lehigh Valley blogosphere. Frequently, Father Alex Joseph posts blog comments incoherently and ghoulishly as himself at 3:00am and other un-Godly hours, but just as often his blog comments are anonymous or veiled behind a dizzying array of provocative yet inexplicable fake name pseudonyms including "The Efficient Cause," "A Man in the Circle," "An Exorcist," "Aquinas kind of," "The Mad Monk," and "The Village Idoti." Disgracefully and blasphemously, omnipresent Lehigh Valley blogger Father Alex Joseph refers to himself as "Sanctifying Grace" in his rambling and impious online blogger profile.

Why, in God's name, would a 'man of the cloth' so regularly and giddily cyber-cavort w/ hate bloggers of the ilk of Mike Molovinsky, Chris Casey, Michael Donovan, Bill White, Jeff Pooley, Rolf Oeler and others who continuously perpetrate sadistic cruelty, dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, blog comment forgery and wrongful/malicious comment attribution and cover-up, illegal conduct, and conduct in area courtrooms that has been prejudicial to the administration of justice and amounts to moral turpitude?

God only knows why some misguided Catholic priests do the truly evil things they do.

For example …

Friday, May 3, 2013


Readers (and stalkers), it was my great pleasure (for a 2nd time) on Thursday May 2 to address a graduating class of PA Parole Agents, this time at the PA Department of Corrections' training academy in picturesque Elizabethtown.

I was invited to speak by the Office of the Victim Advocate in Harrisburg.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

LVS Exposé: "We CAN Do Better" than Alfonso Todd on Allentown City Council

Alfonso Todd business partners w/ a registered sex offender, read LVS's verifiable facts. 

"Do I do business with felons, sex offenders, drug dealers, scofflaws and other criminals ? Yes. In fact, I had a partner in ... BLURB MEDIA who was a convicted felon. He ... is listed on the PA Megans Law website... My Partner ..." -Alfonso Todd

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


See post update at my Facebook page.

Readers, it was my great pleasure on Thursday November 1 to address this year's graduating class of PA Parole Agents in Harrisburg. I was invited to speak by the Office of the Victim Advocate in Harrisburg.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Help us capture Robert LaBarre

On film or video, here's why.

Sheena Villa's remorseless, malice-sodden killer Robert LaBarre [Criminal Docket] was released from State Prison recently after serving just 5.5 years for killing Sheena [watch video]. LaBarre will be on parole for the balance of his 12 year sentence, until February 2, 2019.

Apparently moved by both the persuasive efforts of the Office of the Victim Advocate in Harrisburg and my input on why LaBarre should remain in State Prison until 2019, the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole made sure the jail cell door swung and hit Robert LaBarre's ass real hard on his way out of prison.

Among the numerous pages of heavy parole restrictions on Robert LaBarre, in force until February 2, 2019, this one is our favorite:

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Confessed killer Andrew Gesslein set free, via DA Jim Martin's dirty 'Bait & Switch' charade

[Updated: July 6] Related Story
Early in the morning on June 29, less than 24 hours after Edna Gesslein told Judge Steinberg under oath that she was $5,000 short on the $15,000 she needed for her husband's bail, Edna Gesslein paid the $15K bail and Michael Randolph's confessed killer Andrew Gesslein walked out of Lehigh County Prison, free (for now).

Thursday, June 28, 2012

DA Martin & Judge Steinberg give Michael Randolph's killer an eventual FREE PASS

LVS attended the 6/28 bail hearing for Michael Randolph's confessed killer, Andrew Gesslein (in handcuffs), see Criminal Docket and Miscellaneous Docket.

Not surprisingly … 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mayor Pawlowski wants DA Jim Martin to 'do the right thing' for Michael Randolph

Popular/Visionary Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski phoned LVS at 2:00pm today. He told us he's been "questioning DA Jim Martin daily" about the Michael Randolph homicide. Mayor Pawlowski gave us permission to quote him saying this:

"I hope DA Jim Martin does the right thing here but that seems to have already taken too long."

We say, DA Jim Martin: get off your snoozy and boozy fat ass and file a charge of 2nd degree murder against Michael Randolph's killer. Now.


Saturday, March 31, 2012

DA Jim Martin: Drunk, With Power

[Updated 5/4/12: Brad Rinehart, 69 "News" Director sends LVS an unconvincing damage control email, and Glenn Eckhart's attorney Matt Croslis sends LVS Glenn Eckhart's highly convincing legal objections, DA Martin has no case, neither does 69 "News," see comments] Finally emerging from hibernation and looking like he's coming off a 4 1/2 month drinking binge at Ye Olde Limeport Inn after his crony-rigged reelection on November 8, Lehigh County DA Jim Martin held a curious press conference at the Lehigh County Courthouse on Friday, March 30.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sheena Villa Spaghetti Dinner, March 18

Remembering Sheena ... we have 16 works of very cool art, all donated by celebrated area artists, for the March 18 Sheena Villa Spaghetti Dinner & Silent Auction Scholarship Fundraiser. See Facebook gallery for a roll-out of the pieces being offered for silent auction purchase and meet the artists here.

Update: The 2012 Sheena Villa Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction Dance Scholarship Fundraiser was a huge success, attracting the most people, and the most money, of all Sheena fundraisers to date. See our Facebook photo gallery, Sheena Spaghetti 2012.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


[UpDate: January 28, 2012] Listen to the broadcast archive, the Bill Villa segment starts with a new Villas song about Allentown, "So Low," and closes with another new Villas song, "My Occupation." In between, exposé bitch slaps are delivered to DA Jim Martin, The Morning Call "newspaper," Gross McGinley, 69 News, AOL Lehigh Valley Patch, Allentown Ethics Board, Cedar Crest College "ethics" professor (for now) Michael Donovan, attorney (for now) and pussy David Najarian, and others. Stay tuned to LVS for more Truth & Consequences national tour dates.


Having a daughter killed is plenty bad enough. But then what if your hometown's "Powers That Be" side with your daughter's killer and his crony-connected insider family and try to screw you out of justice?

HEAR MY STORY GO NATIONAL, Friday, January 27, 8:00pm to 9:00pm ...

on "Turn Up the Night with Kenny Pick," LIVE, from Cleveland, 7-10PM EST, Friday Jan. 27th at TUTN w/ Kenny Pick & Radio Or Not

Simulcast at Talk Radio One - Talk Radio One

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lehigh Valley Somebody's most-read, most influential blog posts of the year in review

* In August, it was very rewarding forcing DA Jim Martin into action on a drunk driving death. With no local media scrutiny, DA Jim Martin has historically and routinely (hiccup) ignored DUI homicide cases for months, a year or more, and in some cases, several years. Not this case, Jimbo ... LVS exposé prods DA Jim Martin into filing charges against DUI baby killer Randy Teets ... in 34 days

* In March, our SiteMeter(R) registered the highest readership spikes in LVS's history, as we exposed the laughably obvious and grossly unethical DA Jim Martin/Gross McGinley law firm crony connection in a series of three highly revealing blog posts.

* Five months after violently killing my daughter Sheena, malice-sodden and remorseless drunk driver Robert LaBarre, son of Gross McGinley lawyer Donald LaBarre, escaped to Belize, Central America. Was he coming back? Was he a fugitive from justice? In any other city in America, this would have been an above-the-fold, front page lead story in the local newspaper: GRIEVING FATHER DISCOVERS DAUGHTER'S KILLER AWOL IN BELIZE. But curiously, The Morning Call "newspaper" in Allentown PA steadfastly refused to cover this story. Interested in knowing why? Hint: it has something to do w/ the DA Jim Martin/Gross McGinley/Morning Call crony connection. Read our series of three eye-popping exposé blog posts from January ...

Good Ol' Boy DA Jim Martin arranged a "bargain" and secret plea deal w/ Sheena's killer and his family and excluded the Villa family from the court hearing, read the inconvenient & shocking facts in ...

Watch DA Jim Martin accidentally admit to Robert LaBarre's third degree murder malice on TV (!) and witness Robert LaBarre inadvertently confessing to third degree murder in Judge Robert Steinberg's courtroom (!) as you read ...

* Sheena Villa's 3rd Degree Murder [Note: Martin & Steinberg refused to charge Gross McGinley attorney Don LaBarre's son Robert LaBarre w/ the crime they both knew he had committed against my daughter Sheena, third degree murder]

In February, thanks to LVS's exposing of DA Jim Martin's incompetence and collusion baggage (which would not play well outside of the Lehigh Valley) and despite Jim Martin's lobbying, pandering, ass-kissing, and begging for the cushy and temporary state attorney general's job vacated by Martin's pal Tom Corbett >>> Corbett Rejects 'Gentleman' Jim Martin, Picks Irish Lassie Linda Kelly For AG Job

* In early May, when DA Jim Martin's Chief Deputy DA and lapdog Renee Smith tried to run for Lehigh County judge, LVS exposed Renee Smith's blatant violations of the PA Judicial Code, for which the Judicial Conduct Board, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania sent Renee Smith a stern warning letter [JCB Complaint No. 2011-184]. Although the Judicial Conduct Board was very interested in, and officially disturbed by, judicial candidate Renee Smith's unethical and violative behavior, LVS could not arouse any interest in covering this story in either The Morning Call "newspaper" or 69 "News." The End Result: Renee Smith spent the most campaign money ($113,935) by far and came in dead freakin' last. Booya. Just walk away, Renee ... Judge Wanna-Be Adra Renee Smith Plays Fast & Loose w/ Judicial Codes of Conduct

* In the same May primary election, three of the "Gang of Four" GOP candidates for Lehigh County Commissioner made the cut, and the November general election ballot, but thanks to LVS exposé reporting, the gang's 4th candidate, Morning Call blogger and attorney (for now) and pussy David C. Najarian came up short. 5'4" to be exact.

* LVS's All-Time Single Most-Read Blog Post (by far) is our late May 2011 exposé ... Here's How DA Jim Martin Fixes DUI Homicide Cases for Connected Cronies

* This October post was LVS's 2nd most-read blog post in 2011 and is our 1st Favorite LVS Blog Post Of The Year ... DA Jim Martin KO'd, pulverized by Bill Villa at West End Youth Center campaign debate

Throughout the year, every year, LVS exposes and bitch-slaps elected incompetents, self-absorbed phonies, crooked colluding cronies, "anonymous" (wink wink) and declared sadists, and pussies. In 2011, it was our pleasure to publicly humiliate w/ devastating uppercut comeuppance the following highly deserving dishonored individuals and institutions ...

* Ex-Morning Call "newspaper" Editorial Gatekeeper, Secret Keeper, and DA Jim Martin Boot Licker Glenn G. Kranzley

* Former and current Morning Call "newspaper" "reporters" Kevin "Cubby" Amerman ... Debbie Garlicki ... Paul Carpenter ... Jarrett Renshaw ... Manny Gamiz ... Mike Miorelli ... Darryl Isherwood ... Christine Schiavo ... and Paul Carpenter again ... joining previously exposed Morning Callers Tremblin' Wally Trimble ... Bill White ... Jarrett Renshaw ... and John Micek

* The Dick Dean-owned 69 "News"

* Overly well-connected criminal defense attorney (incredulously, he sits on DA Jim Martin's reelection campaign fundraising Host Committee and he crony-double-dips as Secretary of the Lehigh County Bar Association), Gavin P. Holihan

and ...

* Cedar Crest College "ethics" professor Michael Donovan's wife (for now) Diana Morse Donovan

* Team Martin/Morning Call 24/7 LVS blog stalker and vile anonymous commenter, "Anonymous" (wink wink)

and the ...

LVS is proudly (yet humbly) finishing up 2011 the same way we started it ...

* Speaking Truth To Power and letting the colluding crony bastards know that they can run, and they can hide behind their Morning Call and 69 News, but they'll never get away. We'll keep a floodlight on them as we chase 'em to the gates of hell and it's only a matter of time until somebody catches them real good.

Thanks for reading (and stalking) LVS.

Happy New Year.

* Our favorite TV Spot of 2011