Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Get Outta the Way of My Optimism

Our mostly conservative local blah, blah, blahgosphere seems infested with negative doom and gloom and misinformation. Allentown is doomed! It's because there is no leadership! Stimulus is bad! Pay to play! Failing schools! Crime! Stores closing! And anyone with a positive outlook is labeled a "cheerleader" "an apologist for the mayor" or just a clueless moron. And if that person wants to write about the good things going on, and there really ARE good things, then they are deemed a "puff blogger." Or if you are excited about Obama, our first African American President, you are labeled as a "Messiah worshipper" who has drunk the kool-aid. Well, all I can say to that is get outta the way of my optimism!

Most people's perception of Hamilton St. is way off. Actually, you CAN really walk around at 7th and Hamilton when it is dark. It's not that scary. Usually there are not too many people around. In fact, if more people would actually walk around downtown at night then THAT would help reduce crime. We patronize the downtown establishments as much as we can. And we have even been to events on 7th St. at night! Ooohhhh, scary! ;0

I am all for constructive criticism, but constant negativity and smears against good people are harmful to a community and does nothing to help move Allentown forward. People who take action and volunteer to help their community should be applauded, not smeared. So, blah blah blahggers, get the hell outta the way of my optimism and go back to your caves or trees where you can sniper fire from afar. Or just stay at your own blahgs where you can blow smoke up each other's behinds.

We are in a serious economic crisis, and our President has reached out across the aisle in a truly bi-partisan way. But yet it's not "real bi-partisanship" to some Republicans. I believe that these Republicans are robotic obstructionists. And obstruction is what they are good at, not governing. The past 8 years proves that. They put political ideology before the needs of the American people, and that's wrong. I say, they had their chance, now it's time for them to get outta the way and let the President that WE the people elected do his job. And if you still wanna hate me simply because I am a liberal, even though I have extended a hand to you, then all I can say is get outta my way.