Thursday, June 11, 2009

Liberal Media Bias ... Locally?

UpDate: Hear Bill Villa's WAEB Shows at You Tube

Where is this local "liberal media bias" that the minority local NeoCon lunatics (respectfully) are always kvetching about? Let's review, shall we ... 

Local news radio station WAEB-AM runs right wing-friendly shows all day.

WFMZ-TV carries conservative religious programming and provides Neo-Conservative-only commentary by that really spooky and sarcastic know-it-all (and station owner) Dick Dean. 

Then there's our stranglehold local monopoly "newspaper," The In-Mourning Call. It links to Neo-Conservative-only or apolitical blogs in its "Valley Blogosphere" lapdog club and the majority of its regular commenters at The Morning Call's online "Forum" sections are Obama-Hating and Pawlowski-Bashing misogynist-anti-semite-homophobic-latino-hating-bigots who are allowed to spew freely because hate sells-- it "attracts advertisers," according to Bill White.

The Allentown Commentator "blog" (really a "chat room" ick) is a far right-wing extremist gathering storm hosted by Scott Armstrong where we've read rile-'em-up racist comments aimed at our President and Allentown's Latino population. 

One would think there'd be some variety and divergence of thought in a local blogosphere. Not around here. Take a look at the Lehigh Valley blogs currently ranked by BlogNet News as being among the Top 20 Most Influential Political Blogs in Pennsylvania. 

Only the #1 Blog in The Lehigh Valley for 22 of the last 27 weeks (this blog, Lehigh Valley Somebody, #5 statewide) is openly and proudly liberal. 

All the other Lehigh Valley also-ran blogs at BNN are either NeoConservative (#6, #7, #16, #20) or politically neutral ("mellow"), #17. 

We local liberals do have an NPR affiliate community public radio station in WDIY-FM and a PBS TV station but they both lean conservative and Republican. 

In 2008, President Barack Obama won 57% of the vote in Lehigh County. 

In 2005, Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski won with a 59% popular vote mandate over Republican Bill Heydt (38%) and nosey South Whitehall Township buttinsky neighbor Mike Molovinsky (3%).  

Allentown is a mostly deep dark blue city that has not voted for a Republican President since 1988 (and we regret that one). 

Our local NeoCon Biased Media & Blogosphere is not serving the majority of our population who are moderate and liberal Democrats.

Thankfully, this blog is. 

For a "liberal media bias" you won't find anywhere else in the Lehigh Valley, thanks for reading (#1) LVS regularly.