Friday, September 25, 2009

Pusillanimous Personified

Readers, "attorney" (for now) David C. Najarian, Lynn Township Supervisor (pictured), the originator of the proactively provoking and sadistically cruel "Troll Blog" has (ironically) filed a private criminal complaint of "harassment" ... against me. Yep. Good luck, Dave. 

Apparently, Dave Najarian can dish it out, but he can't take it.

Apparently, it's okay for him to co-publish a "Troll Blog" filled with baiting self-penned commentary defiling my deceased daughter Sheena on the internet, opining about her killer's "remorse," and publicly discussing ways to sabotage my daughter Sheena's wrongful death litigation, but it's not okay for me to respond in a rational, reasonable, and legal manner, as I did?

I see.

Readers, not surprisingly, there's a not so hidden agenda at play here in attorney Dave Najarian's "criminal" complaint against me, as loyal Republican Najarian's "harassment" complaint revolves around this, the cornerstone of his "criminal" complaint. Najarian states on the record for the court:

"Villa wrote: "I don't care how many people are in the way of what I'm trying to accomplish, which is exposing and bringing down two genuinely bad guys, Jim Martin, and Glenn Kranzley. I can't be stopped. Nothing will stop me from achieving my goals."

In his "harassment" (against whom?) complaint, Najarian then helpfully brays, "By way of background, Jim Martin is District Attorney of Lehigh County! Glenn Kranzley is the Editor of The Morning Call newspaper!"

Readers, I'm positive Dave Najarian's Lynn Township Recreation Board buddy, crooked crony, and Slatington District Magistrate Rod Beck (to whom Najarian filed his phony private "criminal" complaint against me) already knew who DA Jim Martin and Glenn Kranzley were. Just sayin'.

In his private "criminal" complaint, attorney (for now) Najarian then digresses briefly to boast that his blog was one of the original selectee/honorees of the Valley Blogosphere "community" of bloggers at The Morning Call "newspaper" hand-picked by longtime DA Jim Martin protector Glenn Kranzley.

Tell ya what, "guys," I'll plead guilty to this:

Nothing will stop me from achieving my goals.

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