Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why is Bernie O'Hare Defiling Sheena Villa?

[And why do so many local politicians, and the local media, continue to affiliate w/ O'Hare?]

Readers, it's been three and a half years since my daughter Sheena was killed ... and people who were touched by Sheena, after all this time, are still posting inspired comments in Sheena's memory, and in her honor, at the Sheena Villa Guest Book.

Along with Sheena's equally loving mother, I'm very proud to have co-parented Sheena into the remarkable and memorable young woman Sheena turned out to be, and always will be, in our memories of her.

But hate blogger Bernie O'Hare has an altogether different take on Sheena Villa and her parents, even though O'Hare never knew Sheena or her parents.

At O'Hare's Morning Call-affiliated "Troll Parade" blog that O'Hare co-created w/ attorney (for now) David C. Najarian, O'Hare has adamantly refused to delete wildly inaccurate and sadistically cruel "anonymous" comments that O'Hare and Najarian have published up there ...

"villa daughter was a mess and he can't come to grips with his awful parenting. his bitterness is a reflection of his disgust with the mess of a daughter he created and now wishes to blame on the rest of the world because he and his wife failed to properly do their jobs. they are two of legions of irresponsible parents who are, sadly, forced to live with their own incompetence. i've had enough of their blaming everybody but themselves. no guts. lots of blame. they are poster nuts for why society is going down the toilet: parents who unleash disaterous consequences on the society. in this case, karma bit them hard and they must look in the mirror someday and properly assess blame on themselves. until then, the pathetic charade continues. i don't particularly like or agree with bernie o'hare. i rip him regularly for his views (and sometimes the tone with which they're expressed). at least bernie has the guts to own his shortcomings, the villas will never and will die bitter failures who were made to pay for their mistakes while living. it's a shitty life, but it's the one they so richly deserve."

I see.

Another nugget you will find at the Troll Parade blog is a back-and-forth comment dialogue between ex-attorney O'Hare and attorney (for now) David C. Najarian. They are discussing ways to successfully sabotage Sheena Villa's (then upcoming) wrongful death litigation. O'Hare proceeds to threaten us, twice, that he will indeed follow-through and sabotage Sheena's civil litigation.

As was demonstrated through facts in our recent exposé on him, Bernie O'Hare has a history of deeming a civil litigation is "without merit" and taking it upon himself to sabotage it.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court disbarred O'Hare for this, citing "moral turpitude," i.e., evil intent activity.

But before the PA Supreme Court could catch up w/ O'Hare he had sabotaged the wrongful death litigation of a Luzerne County widow, Lucille White, and her three fatherless children.

Hate blogger Bernie O'Hare has displayed a now well-documented zeal for emotionally torturing already suffering, grief-stricken families-- specifically, by sabotaging civil settlements. $85,000.00 in George Usry's case. $19 million in Lucille White's case.

In 2008, 22 years after being disbarred for screwing George Usry out of an $85,000.00 civil settlement, Bernie O'Hare publicly threatened to do the exact same thing to the family of Sheena Villa.

And if you don't believe O'Hare has a zeal for emotionally torturing Sheena's family, please re-read the "anonymous" comments O'Hare refuses to delete from his Troll Parade blog. Its only purpose is to distort and defile the memory of Sheena Villa, to provoke, and to emotionally torture her grief-stricken family. Ditto every post at The Troll Parade blog.