Monday, May 27, 2013

We can do better than creepy cyber troll and sadist Father Alex Joseph as a Catholic priest

[UpDated Today] Although he's been living and allegedly studying for 9 years at Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Seminary in Washington DC [offline again after not paying their delinquent website bill it appears], curiously ...
recently ordained Catholic priest (for now) and Easton PA native Father Alex Joseph has somehow found the time to remain a 24/7 obsessive-compulsive blog commenter at numerous hate blogs in The Morning Call "newspaper" affiliated Lehigh Valley blogosphere. Frequently, Father Alex Joseph posts blog comments incoherently and ghoulishly as himself at 3:00am and other un-Godly hours, but just as often his blog comments are anonymous or veiled behind a dizzying array of provocative yet inexplicable fake name pseudonyms including "The Efficient Cause," "A Man in the Circle," "An Exorcist," "Aquinas kind of," "The Mad Monk," and "The Village Idoti." Disgracefully and blasphemously, omnipresent Lehigh Valley blogger Father Alex Joseph refers to himself as "Sanctifying Grace" in his rambling and impious online blogger profile.

Why, in God's name, would a 'man of the cloth' so regularly and giddily cyber-cavort w/ hate bloggers of the ilk of Mike Molovinsky, Chris Casey, Michael Donovan, Bill White, Jeff Pooley, Rolf Oeler and others who continuously perpetrate sadistic cruelty, dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, blog comment forgery and wrongful/malicious comment attribution and cover-up, illegal conduct, and conduct in area courtrooms that has been prejudicial to the administration of justice and amounts to moral turpitude?

God only knows why some misguided Catholic priests do the truly evil things they do.

For example, on January 7, 2010, in a flat-out lie that continues to be libelously perpetuated and published all over the Lehigh Valley blogosphere, Father Alex Joseph publicly claimed that I punched him in the stomach in the Northampton County Courthouse. Readers (and stalkers) ... nothing even remotely resembling a "forearm (or elbow) to the gut" ever took place and I swear on my daughter Sheena's ashes that Father Alex Joseph is lying--slanderously, and sadistically--about this non-happening that includes me allegedly being "escorted from the courthouse by sheriff's deputies." Never happened.

As longtime LVS readers and stalkers know, over the past 5 years, Morning Call-affiliated hate bloggers have launched numerous websites dedicated to provoking, criminally harassing, and emotionally torturing my grief-stricken family and me for our "sin" of speaking truth to power. Many of these hate blogs (and their "anonymous" commenters) routinely threaten physical violence against the Villa family as Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin purposefully looks the other way and endorses their malice albeit unsuccessfully. Shamefully, Father Alex Joseph has weighed in w/ comments of support ... for the hate blog author ... at nearly all of them, frequently fabricating additional sadistic deceit and misrepresentation about Sheena's family and our justice mission.

"Good luck on your venture. Let me know if I can help in any way." Peace, ~~Alex See commenter "The Village Idoti" [Alex Joseph] November 15, 2009 1:02am

I've reached out, repeatedly, via emails and phone messages, to Father Alex Joseph's superior, Chorbishop Seely Beggiani, requesting, humbly, that Father Alex Joseph please stop his slanderous lies and sadistic provocations against my grieving family. I've never gotten a response or even an acknowledgement of email receipt from him. But as recently as January 2, 2013, I've continued to receive additional taunting emails from Father Alex Joseph. They contained no subject heading, but upon opening, the text read (and I'm paraphrasing), "Do not open, this email contains a virus." 

Creepily, Father Alex Joseph's Washington DC Comcast Cable Internet Protocol (IP) address* is spotted on this blog's SiteMeter and StatCounter, repeatedly, every day, at all hours of the day and night, most recently at 5:31:12am on May 29, 2013 (as of the time of this writing). Not coincidentally, six minutes later, at 5:37am on May 29, this "anonymous" hate blog comment appeared in the Lehigh Valley blogosphere ...

Anonymous said...
That poor bastard at his hate blog is making fun of Father Alex. Boy if he only knew. He couldn't even buy a clue because he is filled with hate. His hatred has blinded him. I kind of feel bad and pity for the old sap. The Blog Mentor's good looks and mind are leaving him. And now no one takes him seriously. He is down to picking on priests. What a sorry life one leads ... 5:37 AM

Shouldn't a Catholic priest have better things to do than posting "anonymous" and stalking hate blog comments at 5:37am and flocking w/ cyber bullies hell-bent on inflicting emotional pain on already suffering people? But sadly, this appears to be Father Alex Joseph's calling ... spraying cyber salt on the wounds of innocents being character assassinated and cyber terrorized by his blogging buddies, and then making a further mockery and endorsement of the sadistic harassment by offering up flippant and faux prayers of advice and compassion in taunting hate blog comments and emails aimed at the victim. Coming from an alleged 'man of God,' this kind of cyber sadism exemplifies pure evil.

As a former Vincentian seminarian studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood myself, my heart breaks for all the dedicated and truly good priests out there who must endure the suspicious glares of parishioners and passers-by because of a minority of evil priests who make the scandalous headlines and get exposed at truth blogs. My opinion is that it's time for the Catholic church to open up the priesthood to pious married men, and women, instead of having to scrape the bottom of the barrel for the likes of Alex Joseph who are destined to burn in hell for eternity.

UpDate: In response to LVS's verifiably factual exposé blog post on Father (for now) Alex Abraham Joseph, regularly manipulated Express-Times "reporter" Colin McEvoy and his "editor" Jim Deegan compliantly attempted damage control for Alex Joseph w/ this puff piece while simultaneously blocking me from commenting at their website but it was already too late. 

UpDate: Coming Soon > Father Alex Joseph stalking LVS 24/7 from his newly assigned parish in Brooklyn. 

TO BE CONTINUED, keep checking back ...

* Some LVS StatMeter(R) Spotlight visitor/stalker "callouts" are based on our savvy, astute, informed, researched, and corroborated opinion. Others we're 100% proof-positive of.