Monday, January 25, 2010

Supremely Wrong

The recent radical-right decision by the GW Bush-appointed John Roberts (left, caught hiding behind the flag) U.S. Supreme Court gives corporations the same rights as individuals under the constitutionally abusive ruse of (wink wink) "free speech." Corporations are now allowed to spend unlimited cash on political campaign ads. Unlimited amounts of money can now also be put towards ads to destroy candidates not on board w/ corporate wish lists. So, according to the highest court in our land, spending money, politically, as freely as you want (if you're a corporation) is now the same as "free speech." Our government is now (officially) up for sale to the highest corporate/political bidder. President Obama has, of course, spoken out strongly against this jaw-droppingly partisan and supremely wrong ruling.

This "decision," made by NeoCon activist judges, shows how even our Supreme Court, our highest court, is infested with partisanship and abuse of power-- as if we didn't know that after Gore v. Bush 2000.
We believe this radical ruling is not about justice but is an attempt by the Supreme Court to restore Republican Reign via out-spending Democratic candidates. Remember, this is the same righty U.S. Supreme Court that stopped the Florida recount and handed George W. Bush the presidency. By sanctioning corporate/political spending-spree free for alls, the decision by "John Roberts and Company" is clearly a counter maneuver against how Obama (and Howard Dean before him) ran stunningly successful grassroots campaign fund raising involving the internet and social networking sites that kicked the corporate-backed asses of Republican candidates like say McCain-Palin for instance. The NeoCONservatives won't stand for Democrats being in control. They want their rightful power back! And that's scary, considering how hard and to the right the GOP has careened, and with the U.S. Supreme Court obviously riding shotgun.

Many Republican obstructionists, like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are applauding this decision to muzzle the voice of the people with corporate money. So where are those "populist" teabaggers on this issue, hmm? And even though this may give power to the Democratic party-backed unions, the unions can't compete with billion dollar corporations. We don't buy the argument that this decision "will benefit both sides" (wink wink). That's ridiculous.

What can
We The People do now?

1. We can make sure Republican candidates don't go unchallenged. If they win elections, they can elevate other wingnuts up the chain of power. There seems to be no moderate Republicans out there because they are all staying loyal to the far right obstructionist ideology. Don't fall for this.

2. There are Democrats working on legislation. Jon Larson (CT) is chair of the House Democratic Caucus and is leading the
Fair Elections Now effort for public funding of elections which would eliminate corporate funding. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) is looking at ways to require disclosure from CEO's on ads run by corporations. Sign petitions against the Roberts Ruling and push for new legislation to stop this Supreme assault on our Democracy.