Monday, March 29, 2010

Email, Outgoing, to Mike D'Amore

April 8 UpDate: Ned Donovan returns but then runs away again, see last "Comments" here ...

cc'd to Allentown City Council

On Mar 27, 2010, at 12:58:15 PM, Bill Villa wrote:

Hi Mike, have you had a chance to examine the sadistic and taunting provocations, threats to sabotage our Mayfair gig, and criminal harassment cruelty that City Councilor Donovan purposefully enabled against my wife Angie and me at his blog posts of March 9, 14, and 18?

Also, what's the status of the official City Council "censure" of Donovan you were looking into for his outrageous behavior against a grief-stricken Allentown family?

Also, were you able to deliver my ultimatum to Donovan-- i.e., either Donovan apologizes to me in Council Chambers after my 5-minute statement or Angie and I go after him legally with "both barrels" and speak with Cedar Crest College President Carmen Twillie Ambar about the "ethics" of her Ethics Professor. If yes, which avenue did Donovan indicate a preference for, an apology? Or "both barrels" legally?

Okay to phone me over the weekend, as we'd like to advance on Donovan ASAP.

Thank you as always for your consideration, Mike.

Best Regards,

Bill Villa

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Email, Outgoing, to Allentown City Council