Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Email, Outgoing, to Allentown City Council

On Mar 17, 2010, at 9:20:30 AM, Bill Villa wrote:

Allentown City Council:

Can any of you explain to me why your Allentown City Council Vice President
Michael Donovan (left) at his blog posts of March 14, and March 9, is hosting, enabling, and encouraging (he comments that he is "enjoying") 185 blog comments (and counting) that basically amount to criminal harassment of my family? The taunts and provocations and baitings continue in the comments from Donovan's post of March 18.

As some of you know, my only daughter Sheena Villa was killed by a drunk driver on her 25th birthday in March 2006.

Since then, I've been telling my family's grief story in the local blogosphere, and especially trying to inform--and warn--my fellow Allentonians and Lehigh County residents of the battles we had to wage to get justice in Lehigh County, when, as was painfully apparent, District Attorney
Jim Martin and The Morning Call "newspaper" were working together for a very different outcome. Thankfully, we outmaneuvered them and won. But we want people to know how we did it, in case they have to.

Disbarred attorney/Nazareth hate blogger Bernie O'Hare has taken a peculiarly keen interest in trying to "counter," with jaw-dropping deceit, all the facts we present about DA Jim Martin and The Morning Call at our political blog, Lehigh Valley Somebody.

This has resulted in me
filing suit against O'Hare in Lehigh County for Malicious Prosecution, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, and Libel.

For some reason, and for some time now, Michael Donovan has displayed a peculiarly
strong and unwavering allegiance to Northampton County resident, and civil lawsuit defendant O'Hare.

Donovan's recent hosting and enabling of a cyber bullying gang-up on a grieving Allentown family is only Donovan's most recent
outrageous behavior against the family of Sheena Villa.

We believe some consequences for Donovan's behavior (behavior that is highly unbecoming a City Council VP, and human being), is in order.

FYI: if Allentown City Council doesn't dole out some appropriate consequences, we will.

Please let me know what consequences you have in mind, by end of day today, thank you.

Best Regards,

Bill Villa

Editor's Note: O'Hare and Donovan are both members of Valley Blogosphere at The Morning Call "newspaper," which includes a group of bloggers who used to criticize The Morning Call, and DA Jim Martin, regularly, before Valley Blogosphere was ingeniously created by Glenn Kranzley. Since then, not only has 99% of all criticism against the "newspaper" and Jim Martin disappeared from our local blogosphere, loyal Morning Call-affiliated bloggers proactively punish any local bloggers who keep dissenting. Like yours truly. Two of the original Valley Blogosphere bloggers, attorney (for now) David Najarian, Lynn Township Supervisor, and local Democratic Party lackey/blogger Chris Casey bailed from Valley Blogosphere some months after being "honored" w/ selection, for reasons unknown, although Casey has a tragic-comedic-pathetic history of flip/flopping flightily on numerous issues, most notably his on again, off again (on again?) alliance(s) w/ O'Hare.

Recently, criminal courts in Northampton County and Lehigh County have both ruled swiftly and decisively against "Team O'Hare."

But Michael Donovan remains steadfast in his support of Team Casey/O'Hare.