Sunday, May 9, 2010

Michael Donovan, Ethics, The Morning Call "newspaper"

Email, Outgoing, to J. Jackson Eaton III, Rev. Dr. Grant Harrity, Hugh J. Gallagher, Martin Velazquez III, The Rev. Canon Maria Tjeltveit (a.k.a., collectively, Board of Ethics of the City of Allentown), cc: Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, Allentown City Clerk Mike Hanlon

On May 9, 2010, at 9:36:28 AM, Bill Villa wrote:

Subject Heading:
Michael Donovan, Ethics, The Morning Call "newspaper"

Mr. Eaton, although it took much longer than was appropriate, considering the glaring obviousness of the improper (in this context) relationships that exist between Michael Donovan,
The Morning Call "newspaper" and Gross McGinley, I appreciate your surrender and agreement to "not participate in the deliberations or voting with regard to the advisory opinion" and disciplinary action that I have requested regarding Michael Donovan.

All: if you'd like to see compelling evidence that Michael Donovan is gaining "social and political benefits" from The Morning Call as I allege in my complaint, please take note of how The Morning Call is
totally ignoring the highly newsworthy fact that Allentown City Council Vice President Michael Donovan is being investigated by the Board of Ethics of the City of Allentown. In a "normal" and objective news reporting environment, this would be a front page (below the fold) story.

I respectfully ask that you all keep your eye on The Morning Call's curious and ongoing silence on this serious matter, despite my equally relentless and ongoing efforts to persuade them to write about it. Allentown voters have a right to know about this. And a "newspaper" has a responsibility to inform the electorate.

Can you imagine the front page headlines if new-to-the-area council person Michael Donovan was being investigated by an Ethics Board for publishing blog comments about "necrophilia" and "death threats" and "criminal convictions" that were directed falsely and maliciously at a local blue blood like J. Jackson Eaton III or Mal Gross or Lee Butz or a Jaindl?

But because Michael Donovan's attacks are against Bill Villa, who the "newspaper" is pissed off at, because I outmaneuvered their pal Jim Martin (and them) and was instrumental in getting my daughter Sheena's blue blood killer 5.5 to 12 years in the state penitentiary instead of weekend jail and house arrest ... that's why it's "not news" that Michael Donovan is under investigation by the Allentown Ethics Board.

I'll spare you the litany of jaw-dropping irregularities in DA Jim Martin's attempted "special handling" of my daughter Sheena's homicide that The Morning Call similarly refused to write about.

So surprise me Ethics Board, and restore my faith in Allentown's incestuously crony-connected institutions, by stepping out of character, and giving my wife Angie and me the justice we deserve, regarding the outrageous ethical violations that have been perpetrated against our grief-stricken family by Michael Donovan.

Make Allentown proud of you and not ashamed of you.


Bill Villa
Angie Villa