Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kutztown Mayor Sandy Green Phones LVS about Borough Internet Access & Geoff Brace

Geoff Brace is a Lehigh County Commissioner (for now)

Looking every inch as gorgeous as Miss Greater Johnstown Carmen Bloom (right) in our eyes, Kutztown Mayor Sandy Green (left) phoned LVS on Tuesday.

"We've spoken to him [i.e., a Kutztown Community Partnership employee] and to the Chief [of Police], Mayor Green told us, "and you shouldn't be having any more problems like this again."

W-O-W. Some rapid response and stellar service from Mayor Green! Obviously, this Kutztown place isn't in crony slacker Lehigh County (it's in better municipal work ethic Berks County).

Just an hour and a half earlier, we had sent this email to her ...

Dear Mayor Green:

I have reported to Mr. [Redacted], Kutztown Borough IT Department, showing dates, times, and identity (i.e., "Borough of Kutztown"), repeated instances where Borough Internet Resources are being improperly used during working hours, and non-working hours, for personal use. The tax payer resource, "Internet Access," is being used for non-Borough Business-- specifically, to access our political blog, Lehigh Valley Somebody.

When I called the Borough and spoke to Mr. [Redacted], he made it clear to me that his overall concern is the use of Borough Resources for personal use and that he would do whatever he could to correct the situation. Mr. [Redacted] has investigated and determined that Borough Services have indeed been used during the dates and times I provided. According to Mr. [Redacted], "There is no question that Borough Resources have been used during business and non-business hours which match the sitemeter documents you provided. This is a given and verified and the sitemeter has identified the Borough's Internal IP, Computer operating System, and Internet Explorer level."

Mayor Green, in the past year, our blog's sitemeter has spotted the Kutztown Borough "fingerprint" on our blog hundreds of times at all hours of the day and night, including weekends and holidays.

I have provided Mr. [Redacted] with the name of an individual we suspect, and Mr. [Redacted] has confirmed for me that this person is not an employee of the Borough but works for Kutztown Community Partnership.
It is my understanding that Mr. [Redacted] has shared his investigation findings with your Police Department, and Mr. [Redacted] assures me he will provide to you, and to the Police, all the information he has collected and the notes he has compiled, upon your request.
Mayor Green, our blog has been experiencing cyber (blog) emotional terrorism of unspeakable sadistic cruelty. My only daughter Sheena was killed by a drunk driver on her 25th birthday in March 2006. The crony-crookedness and purposeful incompetence we had to outmaneuver to get justice for Sheena is something no grief-stricken family should ever have to endure. To that end, we have used our blog to expose the colluding justice and media "powers that be" in Lehigh County. We see our "Justice Mission" as a civic duty. But there are those who strenuously oppose us, and try to muzzle us at every turn. One of the tactics they employ in an effort to crush our soul, and shut us up, is to anonymously post comments such as this one at our blog ...Anonymous said...You are one sick Mother. What do you do,keep your daughter's dead body in the basement so you can whore it around like a trophy? You oughta call this the How I whore my dead daughter blog. I bet you masterbate on her everytime you mention the name of one of your enemies. You and your wife are two of the sickest fucks I have ever read. Get some help. Fri Jan 08, 02:59:00 PM 2010
The sadistic harassment of my family was the subject of a news story on WFMZ-TV Channel 69 News recently ... Michael Donovan Exposed by 69 News

Thank you for your consideration of this matter, Mayor Green.

Bill Villa & Angie Villa


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