Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"W" Mike Donovan Defiantly Refuses to Apologize to Grieving Villa Family

Readers, here's the 3-minute "Courtesy of the Floor" speech I delivered at Allentown City Council on August 4th, August 18th, and September 1.

When it came time for Donovan to speak, and to apologize to the Villa family, like a deer caught in the headlights, Donovan just sat there in stunned and stony silence, as the clock ticked ... for 40 seconds. He said nothing. Watch 69 News report.  Here's what I said:

I'm Bill Villa from Allentown here to report that right after my June 16 visit to City Council, Council VP Donovan frantically deleted the hundreds of sadistically cruel and vile and libelous comments he had knowingly encouraged against my family and me at his so-called political blog for the entire month of March 2010.

And I say knowingly encouraged because Donovan posted this comment himself at his blog that read and I quote: "I am just going to let all comments run. They are fun to read."

Those fun comments at Donovan's blog (and I gave City Council hard copy on June 16th) suggested that I engage in necrophilia with my deceased daughter Sheena, who was cremated ... that I snort Sheena's ashes ... and drink my own urine ... that I've made "terroristic threats against the DA" ... that I've "threatened to kill" employees of The Morning Call ... that my 9 year old son "Gianni is poison" ... and that my wife Angie is "going to hell," even after accepting an Arts Ovation award from the Allentown Arts Commission for her volunteer work in starting the Allentown Chen Arts Group.
Donovan could have deleted those vile comments back in March when they were originally posted but he didn't. He also could have deleted them after my Ethics Board complaint against him in April, or after he expressed his "concern" about his blog’s comments on 69 News on June 2nd but he didn't delete them then either. Watch 69 News report
Only when Donovan found out I had emailed City Council links to his cyber terror against my family ... so you could read Donovan's filth for yourselves, did Donovan first change his blog design so the links I sent you wouldn't work … and then Donovan deleted those hundreds of filthy comments in a public admission of guilt and wrongdoing.
Clearly it was wrong for Donovan to knowingly encourage Chris Casey of Trexlertown and [Redacted] to post and sign all those disgusting comments against my family at Donovan’s blog.
[In a series of Facebook message rope-a-dopings in January 2012, I got Gross McGinley attorney and DA Jim Martin campaign fundraiser Mal Gross's bad seed stepson Rolf Oeler to inadvertently admit to posting vile anonymous comments defiling my deceased daughter Sheena here at LVS and at Michael Donovan's blog w/ Donovan's encouragement and endorsement.] 
As you know, the Allentown “Ethics” Board which was recently re-constituted by Donovan looked the other way on all this … and Jarrett Renshaw and Bill White in The Morning Call "newspaper" actually had the audacity to quote Casey and [Redacted] as character witnesses for Donovan, without telling their readers that Casey and [Redacted], posting and signing those vile comments at Donovan’s blog, were the ones responsible for Donovan getting hauled in front of the phony Ethics Board to begin with.
So now that Donovan has deleted those hundreds of filthy comments, and publicly admitted his wrongdoing, my family wants a public apology from Donovan here at City Council. 

Mr. Hanlon [City Clerk and Timekeeper], I'm now giving the balance of my time to Councilor Donovan to give my family a public apology, and because it's my time remaining, Donovan may use it for an apology but for nothing else, Councilor Donovan ...

[Tick, tick, tick ... for 40 seconds ... and then, sadly, time ran out again on ethics professor Donovan]

[Aug 4] Are there any questions regarding when I'll be approaching the Provost of Cedar Crest College on this matter?

[Council President Mike D'Amore: "No questions, Mr. Villa."]

Thank you for having me.

12/22 UpDate: Pusillanimous and passive-aggressive Cedar Crest College "ethics" professor Michael Donovan has put all of his anti-Villas blog filth back up on the internet after having deleted it all in mid-June 2010.