Friday, August 20, 2010

Allentown: Well we're living here with crony collusion, sadistic cruelty, and spineless apathy ... [Part 5]

In a comment at our recent post about The Morning Call "newspaper" purposefully lying to its readers, Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the newspaper account can be so different from reality. Knowing what to write and what to leave out can change the entire picture of an event. LVS, Monday, Aug 16, 08:52:00 AM 2010

Oh you betcha. And since it's the only "newspaper" in Allentown (with no competing media, other than this blog, ever daring to adversarially challenge it), The Morning Call can get away w/ character assassination murder of anyone it chooses to kill.

Like me (left, with Sheena), for example.

Readers, please take a moment to examine the stunningly obvious deception The Morning Call perpetrated on me (and on its readers) recently, in full view of you, the public.

As you can see, not only did "reporter" Jarrett Renshaw and "columnist" Bill White not tell their readers anything about the nature of the vile, anti-Villas content at Donovan's blog that triggered our complaint against Donovan to the Allentown "Ethics" Board ... Renshaw and White (w/ the approval of their editors) also both quoted the author/perpetrators of all that signed anti-Villas vile at Donovan's blog as testimonial character witnesses for Donovan-- never mentioning that these Donovan "character witnesses" were also the author/perpetrators of all that anti-Villas filth at Donovan's blog. Yep. Them's the inconvenient facts.

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