Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Walk Away, Renee (Smith)

Open Letter to Lehigh County Chief Deputy District Attorney A. Renee Smith

Dear Chief Deputy DA Renee Smith:

In jaw-dropping astonishment, I read in today's Morning Call "newspaper" (online, for free) of your intention to run for Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas Judge this year ...

I must voice my vigorous protest.

Renee: you're a pathological liar.

You lie for DA Jim Martin and the colluding cronies he fixes DUI cases for.

You lied to Sheena's family on May 15, 2006 when you told us about a "trend" of appellate court reversals of third degree murder convictions for DUI related traffic fatalities in Pennsylvania. There is no such trend, as you know I later discovered.

You lied again that same day when you told us Sheena's killer would "walk scott-free" if he were charged w/ third degree murder and not convicted of it by a jury-- there would have been other charges. You lied, to my grieving and vulnerable family, as if there was only "1 shot" at prison w/ a third degree murder charge in the equation. That was a lie.

On September 25, 2007, you lied to grieving father Chris Mohney, the night before trial, when you phoned him on behalf of DA Jim Martin and told him that Judge Steinberg had "tossed" the blood evidence against his son Zach's killer because Lehigh Valley Hospital had screwed up the paperwork on the chain of custody on that crucial evidence. That was a huge, and reckless, lie. That same night, you told Judge Steinberg another lie-- that the grieving and vulnerable Mohney family was "in agreement" w/ a plea deal that dropped 9 of the 14 charges against their son Zach's killer. This was a lie that your new co-worker, DA Jim Martin Executive Aide Debbie Garlicki helped perpetuate in The Morning Call "newspaper."

And now you want to be ... a judge?

I don't think so.

Just walk away in shame, Renee.

You're doing far too much damage to grief-stricken families already, working (for now) in the Lehigh County DA's office.

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