Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rick Daugherty & Finding a Democratic Candidate for Lehigh County DA in 2011

UpDate: Martin Has Challenger

Rick Daugherty is Chair of the Lehigh County Democratic Committee Executive Board.

Rick's in charge of finding a Democratic candidate to run against crooked and incompetent Republican Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin in 2011.

Election Day is fast-approaching on the first Tuesday in November 2011.

Jim Martin ran unopposed in 2003.

Martin ran unopposed again in 2007.

That's because the Lehigh County Democrats did not offer a Democratic candidate for DA in 2003 ... and 2007.

But now, w/ so many Lehigh County voters aware of and concerned about DA Jim Martin flagrantly abusing the power of his office thanks to exclusive exposé reporting here at LVS, we're confident Rick Daugherty will be successful in recruiting a Democratic candidate to run against Jim Martin and de-throne him in November 2011.

Good Luck, and Godspeed, Rick, we're all pulling for you.


Game On.

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