Thursday, April 21, 2011

Will DA Jim Martin Fix The Clyde Lont Murder Case on April 25th at 1:30pm?

4/25 UpDate: Rudely, Debbie Garlicki never responded to my email but hopefully DA Jim Martin has been forced into notifying the Rivera family about 4/25, 1:30pm, we'll find out Monday ... Email, Outgoing, to DA Jim Martin "Executive Aide" and former longtime Morning Call courthouse beat reporter Debbie Garlicki, cc'd to DA Jim Martin.


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On Apr 21, 2011, at 11:11:22 AM,
Bill Villa wrote:

Debbie, on the Clyde Lont status conference scheduled for Monday, April 25, 1:30pm in Judge Jim Anthony's courtroom (which, curiously, is among the many things The Morning Call has not reported on) ...

Q. Has the family of murder victim David Rivera been notified of this pivotal court proceeding?

The reason I ask is because DA Jim Martin has been known to purposefully not inform interested party family members of court proceedings so he can fix the case in private.

For example, the family of
Sheena Villa was never notified of Robert LaBarre's guilty plea hearing.

Martin's Tricky Secret Switcheroos

Let me know, thanks.

Bill Villa