Tuesday, April 12, 2011

There's No Disputing The Dirty Facts on District Attorney James B. "Jim" Martin

[Updated Sept, 2011] Every day, LVS's Sitemeter records the IP addresses of numerous staffers at "Lehigh County.org," "The Tribune Company," and "City of Allentown" spending dozens of hours (daily) poring over LVS's exclusive exposé blog posts on Lehigh County District Attorney (for now) Jim Martin.

Knowing so many people care gives us a warm feeling inside and we trust this warm feeling is (in its own way) mutual.

Although we get a steady spew stream (daily) of cyber stalking taunts and threats, and sadly, not all of them are from "anonymous" ...

tellingly, no one ever factually disputes our dirty facts on DA Jim Martin.

Curiously, The Morning Call "newspaper" "ignores" them.

Thankfully, somebody other than LVS has finally stepped up to challenge DA Jim Martin.



Crooked and incompetent Lehigh County DA Jim Martin has not faced a political challenger at the polls since 1999.

Martin, a Republican, ran unopposed in 2003, and again in 2007.

As a "prosecutor," DA Jim Martin is careless, erratic, inconsistent, crooked, wildly dishonest, and incompetent-- he's also a drunk driver's best friend who couldn't care less about the families of DUI homicide victims.

Protecting DA Jim Martin at every crooked turn is The Morning Call "newspaper" and its crony-connected law firm, Gross McGinley, led by "Democrat," and Republican DA Jim Martin fundraiser, Malcolm J. Gross and partner Pat Reilly.

DA Jim Martin is supported politically by former Pennsylvania State Attorney General and current (for now) Governor Tom Corbett.

Members of DA Jim Martin's reelection Finance Committee include Abe Atiyeh, Dexter Baker, Dean Browning, Greg Butz, Judge Edward Cahn, Jack Daddona, Mike Keenan, Jamie Musselman, Joseph Fitzpatrick, Esq., David Jaindl, Mark Lieberman, Doug Pelletier, Wm. Platt, Esq., Charles Snelling, Matthew Sorrentino, Esq., and John Waldron, Esq.

Members of DA Jim Martin's reelection Host Committee include Air Products PAC, Angelo Almonti, Esq., Dr. John Altobelli, State Rep Pat Browne, Lee Butz, Congressman Charlie Dent,The Very Rev. Daniel G. Gambet, Elmer Gates, Malcolm J. Gross, Esq., Rev. Grant E. Harrity,William Heydt, Tony Iannelli, Bob Lovett, Dr. Raymond Singer, A. Renee Smith, Esq., Robert G. Tallman, Esq., Judge Thomas A. Wallitsch, and John Yurconic.

Let's boot DA Jim Martin and Allentown's crooked colluding cronies out of power on election day, November 8, 2011.

Here's why ...


* Ignoring DUI Homicides

* Fixing DUI Homicide Cases for Connected Cronies

"newspaper" REFUSED TO COVER

* "Broadway Jim" Missing in Action

* Jim Martin's Shiatsu Sex Story

On November 8, vote Ed Koren for Lehigh County District Attorney.

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