Monday, August 22, 2011

LVS exposé prods DA Jim Martin into filing charges against DUI baby killer Randy Teets

69 News: Driver charged in head-on crash that killed baby

Sept 2 Commentary, Victory Lap: Readers, as our August 12 post revealed, it routinely takes DA Jim Martin upwards of three to six months to a YEAR to file criminal charges against drunk drivers who kill people in Lehigh County. But thanks to LVS's exposé spotlighting of colluding DA Jim Martin and The Morning "newspaper," we successfully forced DA Jim Martin into working over a weekend and filing charges against alleged DUI killer Randy Teets faster than DA Jim Martin has ever done it before (according to our records) ... 34 days. As noted in our Aug 12 post, NorCo DA John Morganelli routinely gets it done in less than a week.

Nevertheless, it was rewarding to see DA Jim Martin admitting on camera to 69 News that it was Randy Teets's drunk driving impairment that killed Katrina Gunkel, watch segment .. same suit again Jim?

Now if only DA Jim Martin could remember to be consistent.

Here's what we mean ...

In April 2008, popular Parkland wrestling coach John Toggas was killed by drunk driver Jennifer Gehringer.

Even though DUI killer Jennifer Gehringer clocked in at nearly twice the legal blood alcohol content limit, DA Jim Martin decreed that beautiful and shapely Jennifer Gehringer's impairment and slowed reflexes couldn't be proven as a factor (?) in John Toggas's death.

Jennifer Gehringer's "sentence" for killing John Toggas while driving drunk? 2 days.

As a "prosecutor," DA Jim Martin is careless, erratic, inconsistent, crooked, wildly dishonest, and (hiccup) incompetent-- and in off-election years, he's a drunk driver's best friend who couldn't care less about the families of DUI homicide victims.

And all of DA Jim Martin's flagrant fuck-ups and sadistic screw jobs are downplayed and frequently flat-out concealed by The Morning Call "newspaper."