Friday, July 15, 2011

DUI Killer Free Since November '09 Death, Thanks to Snoozy, Boozy DA Jim Martin

Readers, LVS can barely keep up (see previous post) w/ the back-ordered felony DUI cases that DA Jim Martin is cleaning out from the bottom of his desk (because it's an election year) while everyone is on vacation and won't notice, Martin hopes.

This "latest" DUI (from 2009) involves a death, and serious injury, and is again dutifully 'hidden in plain sight' online by DA Jim Martin Morning Call "newspaper" "reporter" lapdog Kevin Amerman after 5:00 pm on a Friday-- and apparently this story was cubby Amerman's last detail before his vacation starts tomorrow, according to his voicemail.

Have a read ...

Here are The Inconvenient Facts in a nutshell ...

* On November 21, 2009, driving drunk, and speeding, Miqueas Rafael Garcia slammed into the car of Carolina Fernandez, killing her front seat passenger, her mother, Lyda Estrada-Davilla, and seriously injuring another passenger.

* It took DA Jim Martin more than 6 months to file criminal charges against Garcia on May 21, 2010.

* Garcia has been free on unsecured ($0.00) bail and likely free to drive ever since the fatal crash and injury mayhem he caused on November 21, 2009.

* Today, after nearly 2 years, DA Jim Martin helpfully and (hiccup) inexplicably dropped the major charge of felony homicide by vehicle against Garcia.

* By the time Judge Kelly Banach finally sentences Miqueas Rafael Garcia on September 9th for the misdemeanors DA Jim Martin has left on the table, Garcia will have evaded all accountability for killing Lyda Estrada-Davilla for nearly 2 years.

* Not coincidentally, that's how long "no nonsense" (?) DA Jim Martin has callously kept the already victimized and grief-stricken family of Lyda Estrada-Davilla waiting for "misdemeanor justice." Nearly 2 years. Disgraceful.

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