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[UpDated April 9] LVS was there, check back for the inconvenient facts you won't get from our local media. 

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* Sore loser Express-Times "reporter" Gregg Bortz passionately reiterates dim bulb defense attorney James Martin Connell's case apparently hoping he can change the jury's verdict

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April 7 LVS Report on April 4 GUILTY verdict 

In their pathetic, race-baiting reports on Andrew Gesslein's April 4 GUILTY verdict, our local media continues to flat-out lie. They've fabricated a big (and totally phony) deal about the courtroom crowd's reaction to the jury's GUILTY verdict, braying that "cheers" and "shouting" and "clapping" had to be quieted by Judge Steinberg, and that increased security measures had to be "deployed," including an additional metal detector at the courtroom entrance and that "at least 15 deputy sheriffs" surrounded the (now picture unruly and mostly African-American) courtroom crowd. What a crock of cracker shit. I was there. When the GUILTY verdict was read, the dominant sound emanating from the mostly African-American crowd was that of air being gasped inward, immediately followed by the sounds of crying being suppressed. If anyone "over-reacted" here it was Judge Steinberg in his knee-jerk muzzling of a quite natural and understandable expression of RELIEF (and shock) by the friends and family of Michael Randolph who had waited patiently and peaceably for nearly a year for this moment. Shame on Judge Steinberg. And Stonewall Steinberg got even more shameful a few minutes later when he arrogantly and defiantly and provocatively decreed that convicted killer and flight risk Andrew Gesslein could remain free on his ridiculously low bail until his sentencing on June 11, instead of ordering one of the many loitering deputy sheriffs to cuff Andrew Gesslein and throw his convicted GUILTY ass in Lehigh County Prison where it belongs to await sentencing on June 11. Amazingly, the crowd somehow remained silent during Judge Steinberg's sore loser sucker punch. Not surprisingly, our local media made no mention of the crowd's miraculous restraint and grace. 

Our local media also continues to deploy words including "forced" and "barged" and "bum rush" to deceitfully describe how Michael Randolph and his friends entered the North End Republican Club that fateful night-- always purposefully failing to quote Miguel Gomes's eyewitness testimony that Randolph and his friends had entered on Gomes's heels, that is, more like "slipping in" or "sneaking in" behind Gomes. Big difference. 

Our local media also continues to perpetuate the myths that there was a physical "tussle" between Michael Randolph and his friends and Andrew GUILTY Gesslein, never mentioning that only demonstrated liar Andrew Gesslein claims an alleged "tussle" and that Michael Randolph was "reaching" for a gun that wasn't there.  

As I was exiting the Lehigh County Courthouse on April 4, and passing through the turnstile-like devices in the lobby, in the company of numerous relatives and supporters of Michael Randolph, all of whom were behaving like the regular citizens they are, I overheard one of at least a half-dozen more deputy sheriffs who was standing behind the entrance desk quizzically and confusedly ask the deputy sheriff standing next to him ... 

"Is THIS the crowd we're here to protect against?" 

Kudos to the courageous and fair-minded all white jury who saw through all the racist and hateful Lehigh County bullshit and found Andrew Gesslein GUILTY.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Gesslein & James Martin Connell, by Donna Fisher