Friday, May 4, 2012

DA Martin makes family of Michael Randolph wait (and wait) for justice

UpDated June 7, 2012 [40] days later, and still ...
no charges have been filed by crooked and incompetent DA Jim Martin.

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UpDated May 5, 2012: The Randolph family has contacted LVS. What we've been told about Michael Randolph's homicide made the hair on the back of our neck stand up.

Watch original 69 "News" Report.

Curiously, there was no local media coverage of Sunday's well-attended and peaceful vigil/march.

And in May 8th's Morning Call "newspaper" online, the DA Jim Martin protectors/editors there have shot and published their own video designed to deceive readers into believing that Michael Randolph has only 2 supporters, watch Morning Call video. Update: The "newspaper" has removed their "custom" video that focused on a lone protester holding up a sign in traffic and yelling, "Honk for justice." Although the protester was sincere and well-intentioned, the "newspaper" and videographer/reporter Manny Gamiz purposefully made him appear loony, and alone. Who knows how many people the "newspaper" successfully deterred from getting involved by painting the deceitful picture, via their phony video, that nobody cared. Why not just link to this YouTube video showing hundreds of Michael Randolph supporters ...

Last time we checked, Michael Randolph has more than 1,200 supporters and more than 1,300 petitioners.

Black man, Michael Randolph, 23, shot dead by white "security" guard Saturday night a week ago.

The shooter admitted it to the police.

[40] days later, and still no charges have been filed by crooked and incompetent DA Jim Martin.

Is this Allentown's Trayvon Martin case?

Family of Michael Randolph: Get in touch with us, we can help you outmaneuver DA Jim Martin and his press agent The Morning Call "newspaper."

We know how to get results and do some damage.

Contact Bill Villa via Facebook.

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