Friday, August 29, 2008

Introducing: Mr. Dottie!

I (Mrs. Dottie) am pleased and proud to announce the addition of my husband Bill Villa (Mr. Dottie!) as my co-blogger sidekick at Lehigh Valley Somebody, effective immediately. As you'll see, Mr. and Mrs. Dottie don't see eye to eye on everything. For example, Bill, er, I mean Mr. Dottie, is not boycotting The Morning Call "Blogger Tuesday" or "Valley Blogosphere" as I am. Mr. Dottie is A-Quiver and wants IN at Blogger Tuesday, Valley Blogosphere, Sounding Bored, etc. (he's in advertising; see the self-promo attraction/agenda?), PLUS (and this is very exciting), Mr. Dottie will be attending all meetings involving local bloggers, Glenn Kranzley, and The Morning Call, starting with the inaugural meeting on October 4 just announced by Chris Casey >

Welcome aboard, Mr. Dottie!