Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let's go swimming!

I have some questions and concerns about The City of Allentown public pools. The other day we went to Cedar Beach pool. It's a nice pool, seems well maintained. It was a perfect summer day for swimming. I had anticipated a huge crowd of kids. Boy, was I wrong. It was mid-afternoon and it seemed like the place was only about 1/10 full. Maybe less. We asked one of the young ladies working there if this low turnout was normal, and she said yes. I don't understand. Makes no sense. Why isn't it packed?

My husband, who grew up in Allentown, can remember going to the Cedar Beach pool in the 60's and in the summertime it was always jam packed with kids and moms. He tells me, "the cars overflowed the parking lot and filled the grass area from the parking lot to Hamilton Street. And it was really hard even finding any open grass space to put a blanket or towel down. It was as crowded as the beach at Coney Island." I can remember being a kid in the 70's and spending all day at the pool. (I grew up in NJ)

So where are all the Allentown kids? Are they at private pools? Are they home playing video games or watching tv? Is swimming too boring? Is it too expensive? Since in most households both parents work are all the younger kids in daycare? But what about the teenagers? I don't know if the other Allentown pools attract more people, I've only been to Cedar Beach pool.

If you pay just for the day it's $5.50 for adults, $3.50 for kids over 5 yrs. old. Kids under 5 are free. Spectators are $2. You can get a season pass for $75 per adult, $45 per child. I guess if you have a big family this can get rather expensive, but they do have reasonable family rates. See city website for details. Go to Parks and Recreation, Aquatics.
Anyone know (or have a theory as to) why Cedar Beach pool is not nearly as crowded as it used to be?

Image- Levittown, PA public pool circa 50's or 60's (I could not find a pic of Cedar pool)