Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Grandma!

Have you heard the news that Michelle Obama's mom Marian Robinson may be moving in to the White House? I think it would be great to have a "first Grandma." The photo I have posted shows Barack Obama sitting with his mother in law, relaxing and holding hands, so it looks like he won't mind the "mother-in-law" being around.
This photo was taken while they were awaiting the election results.

Grandma will be there to take care of the two young Obama girls, instead of a nanny. Now here are some real family values to admire.

This is from ABC News:
"Now that the Obamas are headed to the White House, Michelle Obama's mother, Marian Robinson, will be making the move as well. Family friends have told the New York Times that the Obamas relied on Robinson to care for Malia and Sasha Obama while their parents were out campaigning.Robinson, a widow and retired bank secretary from the South Side of Chicago, will follow the Obamas to Washington D.C. to support the first family, according to the Obamas' family friend Verna Williams.None of this is anything new or unusual to American families who have integrated grandmoms and granddads into their households, especially to assist with or sometimes take over child care.Of course, the Obamas are by all accounts an intact and nurturing family, and they don't use a nanny to take care of their two young daughters -- they use grandma."