Friday, February 13, 2009

Only 39% Believe in Evolution

Our seven year old son said to me the other day "I think there was life somewhere before the "Big Bang." And this led to a discussion about evolution. Wow I thought, this is great, he's really thinking about these things. Turns out he didn't learn about "The Big Bang" at school, he saw it on a tv show.

Yesterday was Charles Darwin's birthday, as well as Abraham Lincoln's. According to a new Gallup Poll

only 39% of Americans believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. That's 4 out of 10 people.

36% had no opinion either way. 25% don't believe in evolution. 74% of those with a post-graduate education believe in evolution, compared with 21% of high school grads.

Education really does matter. Thank goodness that science and technology are important to a US President again.