Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Opportunity for Community Service

I received this e-mail from community activist Alfonso Todd. This is a great opportunity to reach out and help the women in our community who may be struggling.

"Hello my name is Ben Nicholson. I’m here to introduce you to Life-styles of the Grown, Sexy and Sober. Life-styles of the G.S.S. (Grown, Sexy and Sober) has been an idea for some time. I was talking to an associate, Alfonso Todd, who told me to put this out to the public and let them see what your doing! Let them learn from the good choices that others make.

I shot my first video with a friend of mine, “George” He, at the time, had only a few months clean, yet he had managed to state something that caught my ear, which was “Just don’t pick up!” Those words he has repeated on many occurrences and it’s keeping him clean and off drugs and alcohol.

My second interview was with “Becky” who is a survivor of breast cancer! She endures the effects of her regular cancer treatments and working a full time job. She is, also, responsible for the management of six Oxford houses that are inhabited by women and men. TALK ABOUT LEADERSHIP ABILITY!!!

Currently, I am I hearing about how down right dirty Allentown is, and how corrupt the streets are; and that people only want welfare /disability checks, free food, soup kitchens and a life without responsibilities. Yes, that is true for some individuals “but” when you’re out in the community and you’re rubbing elbows with these men and women, talking, relating, and experiencing, first hand, the accounts of their struggles and plights, you learn the need to be creative and somewhat manipulative. One learns simple survival skills in a society that has rarely taken hostages in any circumstance.

Pride and honor needs to become fashionable, once more; and it’s time to stop the glorification of fast money and recognize the benefits of self employment, schooling, and self-respect.
There are many businesses that I have encountered that are willing to help and they are open to the suggestions I have offered. They want to be a part of more grassroots activities which will allow them to grow closer to the community they serve. The excitement has grown so much among local businesses that many have agreed to assist the G.S.S with the creation of its’ first SINGLE MOTHER AND CHILDREN APPRECIATION DINNER which will be a bi-monthly event. It’s our goal to expose the attendees to guest speakers who will be professional, intelligent, and successful women. Hopefully their words may inspire and show the ladies in the crowd that they are still valuable, special, and can make a difference in their lives, as well as their children’s."

So if you would like be a guest speaker/sponsor/volunteer at one of these dinners/events please e-mail me :

Call: 610 351 3975
See: http://www.lifestylesofthegss.piczo.com/