Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jury Rejects DA Jim Martin's Vote-Pandering Prosecution

Read The Morning Call's Skillfully incomplete story ...

Veronica Rohrer, 66, believes her father sodomized her when she was 5 years old, and he was 35.

As a result, when Rohrer's ailing, 94-year-old father was sent home from Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest on February 22, 2007, the memory of her father raping her as a child made it difficult for Roher to provide care for her father-- especially traumatic to Rohrer was seeing her father naked while changing his diapers.

The next day, Veronica Rohrer called her sister Mary Ann in Virginia and requested that she come to Allentown to provide in-home care for their father.

There was a period of about 24 hours when Roher's bedridden father Adolph Marks was alone, as Rohrer waited for her sister Mary Ann to arrive from Virginia.

When Rohrer's sister didn't arrive on time because of a snowstorm, Rohrer phoned the police and told them her father "may have passed away."

The police checked on Mr. Marks and discovered he hadn't passed away. Marks was hospitalized again briefly and then was moved to a skilled nursing care facility near his daughter Mary Ann's home in Virginia.

Three weeks later, on March 21, 2007, Adolph Marks died in the nursing home in Virginia. He had suffered from heart failure, heart disease, diabetes, sight loss, brain shrinkage, a twice-broken hip, and he was 94 years old. He had also refused to take his medication in his final months.

In September 2007, Lehigh County DA Jim Martin charged Veronica Rohrer with attempted homicide of her father. > Read Morning Call article ...

"The charges that are filed are the charges that will be prosecuted," DA Martin boasted confidently at the time for The Morning Call and its many senior citizen readers who, for the most part, never miss voting.

But Martin quietly dropped his attempted homicide charge,
last year, and the always-helpful-to-Martin Morning Call waited until last week to mention that fact-- I suppose they didn't want Martin to come off looking like he was unsure of himself, or back-pedaling, or totally full of shit with this case.

In any case, DA Martin forged ahead with his "crusade for justice"
against childhood sexual/sodomy abuse victim Veronica Rohrer with the reduced charges of criminal neglect and reckless endangerment of her father.

On Friday, it took a jury just 3 hours to clear Veronica Rohrer of all of DA Jim Martin's grandstanding charges.

So what was this latest
DA Jim Martin/Morning Call collaboration all about?

Votes. Senior votes. Seniors like Adolph Marks, who The Morning Call not so subliminally interjected, "had not missed voting in 50 years."

In its "reporting," The Morning Call kept on the front burner, up until the very end, all of the seemingly damaging allegation details against Veronica Rohrer. But conveniently for DA Jim Martin's sake, the "newspaper" never got around to reporting on any of the counter arguments and explanations Veronica Rohrer's defense attorney presented to the jury. We'll need court transcripts for that side of this story which The Morning Call wasn't interested in.

In the end, the jury did not believe in DA Jim Martin's case and this is likely because the jurors had much more to go on, than what was reported on, in The Morning Call.

Silver Lining. Once again, DA Jim Martin's predecessor as DA, Judge Robert Steinberg, somehow succeeded in shepherding justice in this case, despite the disingenuous and self-serving efforts of DA Jim Martin.

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